Program Overview

The conference program includes three keynote talks, two panels, a three-day technical program of refereed papers, three sessions with industrial presentations, an industrial exhibition and two days of tutorials. The conference offers an international forum for researchers, developers and users of reliable software technologies. Presentations and discussions cover applied and theoretical work currently conducted to support the development and maintenance of software systems.


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Late Morning

After Lunch



June 11th


M. Aldea

Advanced Ada Support for
Real-Time Programming

J. de la Puente, J. Zamorano

Developing High Integrity Systems with

GNAT GPL and the Ravenscar Profile

I. Broster, A. Coombes

How to Optimize Reliable Software

B. Brosgol

DO-178C: The Next Avionics

Software Safety Standard

J.-P. Rosen

Designing and Checking Coding Standards for Ada

T. Taft

Experimenting with ParaSail


June 12th

Sessions & Exhibition

Keynote Talk:

Bertrand Meyer

Life with Contracts

Paper Session


Application Frameworks



What is Language Technology in Our Time?

Paper Session


Use of Ada

Vendor Session


June 13th

Sessions & Exhibition

Keynote Talk:

Göran Backlund


What is the Mission of a Software Developer?

Paper Session





Reliable Software: a Perspective from Industry

Industrial Presentations


Use of Ada

Vendor Session


June 14th

Sessions & Exhibition

Keynote Talk:

Jean-Loup Terraillon


Multicore Processors - the Next Generation Computer for ESA Space Missions

Industrial Presentations


Space Applications

Paper Session

Testing & Validation

Paper Session


Real-Time Systems

Industrial Presentations

Avionics Applications


June 15th


F. Piron

Basics of Oracle Database Programming with Ada: Introduction to the Konada.Db Library

F. Piron

Oracle Database GUI-programming on MS Windows

T. Jennings

The Benefits of Using SPARK for High-assurance Software

T. Jennings

The Use of Proof and Generics in SPARK.

B. Sandén

Design of Multitask Software: the Entity-Life Modeling Approach


Other Activities


Vendor Sessions and Exhibition

The conference will feature an exhibition in the Atrium; coffee breaks will be served in the exhibition space.
Exhibitors: AdaCore, Altran-Praxis, Ellidiss, Rapita, Vector Software

Exhibitors and vendors will also deliver technical presentations in one of the tracks on Tuesday and Wednesday:

Tuesday Afternoon, after the Coffee Break, Solen room

Rapita: 17:00 - 17:30

Wednesday Morning, after the Coffee Break, Solen room

Altran-Praxis: 11:30 - 12:00
Vector : 12:00 - 12:30
AdaCore: 12:30 - 13:00