8th IEEE International Symposium on
Industrial Embedded Systems

Porto, Portugal
June 19-21, 2013

Chairs and Organizers

see also: Program Committee


General Co-Chairs

Eduardo Tovar, ISEP-IPP, Portugal
Richard Zurawski, ISA Group., USA

Program Committee Co-Chairs

Karl-Erik Arzen, University of Lund, Sweden
Roberto Passerone, University of Trento, Italy

WiP Co-Chairs

Arvind Easwaran, NTU, Singapore
Luca Santinelli, ONERA, France

Local Organizing Chairs

Filipe Pacheco, ISEP-IPP, Portugal
Vincent Nelis, ISEP-IPP, Portugal

Finance Chairs

Luis Miguel Pinho, ISEP-IPP, Portugal
Lucia Lo Bello, University of Catania, Italy

Publications Chair

Stefan M. Petters, ISEP-IPP, Portugal

Publicity Chair

Thomas Nolte, MRTC, Sweden

SIES Series Steering Committee

R. Ernst, TUB, Germany
G. De Micheli, EPFL, Switzerland
R. Gupta, UC San Diego, USA
A. S.-Vincentelli, UC Berkeley, USA
R. Zurawski, ISA Group, USA

International Advisory Committee

E. Dekneuvel, UNSA, France
L. Gomes, Uninova, Portugal
T. Nolte, Mälardalen Univ., Sweden
R. Passerone, Univ. of Trento, Italy
G. Sassatelli, LIRM, France
A. Vachoux, EPFL, Switzerland
J. J. Chen, KIT, Germany