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on the Lawn near building N



“Palácio da Bolsa”, the old Stock Exchange of Porto is the location we choose for the Reception (Tourist Map Reference Number 13). It was built to impress and earn the credibility of European investors and so we hope to impress you as well when you stroll around establishment.

Built on the ruins of the cloisters of the St. Francis Convent, it houses to this day the commercial association of Porto and is intimately tied to the trade of Port Wine.  The big atrium displays around the ceiling all the countries Portugal had trading relations with. See for yourself if you can recognize them.

The mixture of architectural styles gives the ensemble an interesting flair and the Arab Room in particular intrigued many before.

We will join a guided tour through the building and afterwards we will have finger food and drinks. For those who want to go out for dinner afterwards please consult the magazine “time out” also included in the welcome pack.

How to get there

Meeting at the Registration Desk at 19:15 and make our way together to the venue location in the city centre. We will take the Metro and disembark at São Bento Station (Tourist Map Reference Number 3). The fastest way is to walk down Rua das Flores.

If you want to go directly, you have to be at 20:00 at Palácio da Bolsa. (Note: Google map does not have a perfect location on this spot, the palacio is the indicated street, but more to the south, with the green park in front).


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Tuesday, 5th | Wednesday, 6th | Thursday, 7th | Friday, 8th