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on the Lawn near building N



The Douro river joins and separates the two cities of Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia. Due to its embankment facing north, the sun does not burn as hot on the river banks as it does on the Porto side and is as such much better suited for the storage of wine and the production of Port wine. It is here that the cellars were dug and the production and storage flourished.

The bridge spanning the river, called Ponte Dom Luís I, is the work of Téophile Seyrig, who was working as a partner of Gustave Eiffel, but the bridge was the sole responsibility of Téophile. At the time of construction, which was completed in 1886, it was the longest spanning arch bridge in the world. 

After an informal dinner we will pitch the workshops against each other in a battle of “New Technologies to Rival the Moon”. Drawing on the Saint John’s Day tradition in Porto of launching small hot air balloons the workshops (respective their participants) will aim to successfully getting such a balloon to lift off. It is a non-trivial affair and mistakes lead to a fiery end of the balloon. You will be given a brief and then the 5 workshops compete. Judged by a small panel, the best team will be awarded with a premium bottle of Port wine.

How to get there

Starting out from the registration desk at 19:00, our students will guide small groups towards the I.P.O. metro station and board the yellow line towards Jardim do Morro station. Crossing the Ponte Dom Luís I we will enjoy the breathtaking views of the River. Taking the cable car down to the Cais, we will also be able to appreciate the bridge before heading in the Bogani Café for the dinner in a lounge environment.


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Tuesday, 5th | Wednesday, 6th | Thursday, 7th | Friday, 8th