19th IEEE Real-Time and Embedded Technology
and Applications Symposium

Philadelphia, USA
April 9 - 11, 2013

Industrial Session (new)

April 10th, 1:15pm-3pm

NEW: April 30th
Watch videos from the Industry Session!

This year we are introducing an exciting new Industrial Session with top speakers from Automotive Systems, Energy-efficient Buildings, Industrial Automation, Tools for CPS, Modeling and Controls, and more. Each speaker will present new and emerging engineering problems, case studies or anecdotal field experiences. The idea is to motivate discussions for interesting and potentially disruptive technology directions so that you can walk away with a few interesting ideas to pursue.

Industrial Liaison Chairman
Rahul Mangharam, University of Pennsylvania, USA



Rahul MitalAutomotive Systems: Diesel Aftertreatment Future Challenges and Opportunities
Dr. Rahul Mital

Global Technical Specialist, Diesel Aftertreatment
General Motors Company



Yan LuBuilding Energy Asset Management
Dr. Yan Lu

Head of Research Group, Automation and Control--Automation Engineering II
Siemens Corporate Research



Implications and challenges of opening up the embedded world to cyber-physical systems
Dr. Pieter Mosterman

Senior Research Scientist



Jeff C. JensenPlatforms for Cyber-Physical System Design
Jeff C. Jensen

Senior Lead User Manager for Embedded Systems
National Instruments



Cybersecurity in Industrial Control Systems
Joe Felix

Global Architect,
Honeywell Process Solutions



Moving Wireless Sensing to Mainstream Process Control and Safety
Eric Rotvold
Distinguished Technologist
Wireless Group – Emerson Process Management




Smart Controls in Integrated Energy-efficient Buildings and Distributed Power Sources
Dr. Stella Maris Oggianu
Project Leader
United Technologies





The aim of the RTAS Industrial Session is to bring together researchers and practitioners from the industry and academia and provide them with a platform to report on recent advances and developments in the newly emerging areas of real-time technologies, as well as actual and potential applications to industrial systems. The format of this 90 minute session is to have multiple 15-minute talks providing the need and technical challenges in the design, development and deployment of real-time systems. This will be followed by a panel and social session to foster interactivity between speaker and audience and an industrial poster session. Industrial areas of interest include, but by no means are limited to:

·       Factory automation and control

·       Energy-efficient buildings, data centers and distribution systems

·       High-confidence medical devices and healthcare systems

·       Networked cyber-physical and control systems

·       Automotive and robotic electronic systems

·       Mobile communication and distributed systems

Talks on case studies, design methodologies, tools, deployment experiences and industry challenges are welcome. Presenters are expected to submit a 200 word abstract. Please send your recommendation of speakers or directly contact Rahul Mangharam (rahulm at seas.upenn.edu). The RTAS Program Committee intend this new session to be as inclusive as possible so a variety of industries are represented.