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Visit to CISTER by the Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education

25, Feb, 2016

Prof. Manuel Heitor, the Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, visited CISTER as part of his tour to some of the R&D centres and units of the Polytechnic of Porto.

The visit was an opportunity for the new Minister to get up-to-date with the cutting edge research in real-time and embedded computing systems that is currently undergoing at CISTER. He visited CISTER’s facilities with a particular focus on visiting and getting acquaintance with the large amount of industry driven projects and industrial partnerships that are being promoted at CISTER, including the CITECH initiative that is being nurtured in cooperation with Portuguese key industrial players in the area of critical computing systems for aeronautics and aerospace, automotive, e-health, and other application domains where knowledge on cutting-edge real-time and embedded computing is a critical asset.

The visit to the CISTER facilities was organised by the Polytechnic of Porto and included the President of the Polytechnic of Porto, Prof. Rosário Gambôa, the President of ISEP, Prof. João Rocha and many other key dignitaries of ISEP and the Polytechnic of Porto but also from other schools of the Polytechnic of Porto, notably ISCAP, ESE, ESMAE, ESEIG, ESTGF, ESTSP.