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Collaboration between Arrowhead and MANTIS ECSEL projects

24, Feb, 2016

The Arrowhead project regards applying a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) approach to the Internet of Things (IoT) of the Factories of the Future. This project is now on its 4th and final year, and one of its main achievements is precisely the Arrowhead Framework for IoT automation applications, where CISTER researchers have been contributing important skills.

CISTER is also deeply involved in the younger (now on its 9th month) ECSEL MANTIS project, which targets proactive maintenance of industrial machines and systems, using an IoT approach.

CISTER researchers are now proactively nurturing the application of the Arrowhead Framework into MANTIS. In the last general meeting of the MANTIS project, that took place last February at Caparica, Portugal, CISTER researchers Michele Albano and Luis Lino Ferreira described and presented the Arrowhead framework and how it could be reused on the MANTIS architecture to allow an efficient design of the interaction between the embedded devices and the clouds (where data from machinery sensors is to be analysed).

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