• Seminar Series 2018 - Mubarak Ojewale

    18, Jan, 2018 11:30
    An “Intelli-Fog” Approach To Managing Real Time Actionable Data In IoT Applications

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  • Ongoing Project:

    Digitalization of the European Industry
    Fraunhofer Gesellshaft
    Airbus Group
    BMW - Bayrische Motoren Werke AG
    Volvo Technology AB Sweden
    NXP Semiconductors Germany GmbH
    SAP AG
    Philips Lighting B.V. Nederlands
     Robert Bosch GMBH
    ABB AG

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  • Ongoing Project:

    Building Trust in the Internet of Things
    NXP Semiconductors
    Siemens AG
    Philips Nederland
     Robert Bosch GMBH

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  • Ongoing Project:

    Novel Validation Procedures for Highly Automated Systems
    Airbus Defence & Space
    Siemens AG
    Philips Nederland
    Renault SAS
    Toyota Motor Europe

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  • Be prepared for 2018:
    the Porto ecosystem will be the centre of the world for Cyber-Physical Systems!

    CPS Week 2018 - Cyber-Physical Systems Week
    hosted by CISTER in April
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5, Oct, 2017

Activities in the Centre

First CISTER Summer Internship in Progress

4, Oct, 2017

Progress in Projects

Results of successful FP7 project lead by CISTER presented to key academic and industrial European institutions at EMC2’s Safety Critical Systems Workshop

CISTER researcher Luis Miguel Pinho gave an invited talk in the Safety Critical Systems Workshop that took place in June in Granada, Spain. He presented the results of research done at CISTER on the challenge of timing analysis for high-performance parallel systems. The talk included an overview of the current and future challenges posed to critical applications due to the unpredictable interactions in parallel platforms, as well as the work performed by CISTER to address these challenges, done in the scope of the P-SOCRATES FP7 project.

The talk was organized by the EMC2 European Project, with representatives from around 100 European institutions, both academic and industry in audience. The workshop included a set of invited talks and more than 40 demonstrators of technological developments in safety-critical domains from institutions in Europe.


3, Oct, 2017

Progress in Projects

EMC2 – the successful story of one of the largest European ICT projects on Embedded Real-Time Computing Systems

EMC2 (Embedded multi-core systems for mixed criticality applications in dynamic and changeable real-time environments), an Artemis Innovation Pilot, has received its final review, noting the Excellent outcome of the project.
After three years of intensive work, EMC2 provided a breakthrough for system (and application) integration through an innovative and sustainable service-oriented architecture approach for mixed criticality applications in dynamic and changeable real-time environments such as automotive or avionics.

The field of embedded systems is undergoing a disruptive evolution, where different types of systems and components are interconnected, thus reducing the boundaries between application domains, and placing the focus on interoperability.
In addition, the increasing use of multi- and many-core processors brings additional challenges to the development of critical and real-time applications, and the process of developing new systems is inefficient and expensive. EMC2 directly tackled these challenges, helping the European Embedded Systems industry to maintain its leading edge position.The project was one of the largest ICT projects in Europe with around 100 partners and a total budget of 94 Million Euros.
Among others, the project included renowned companies such as Ericsson, BMW, Airbus, Volvo, Philips Healthcare, Siemens, Thales and Infineon Technologies, and reputed academic and research institutions such as KTH, Tue, CEA, LERO, DTU, LTU, TNO and Fraunhofer.

CISTER was highly involved in several of the project activities, with more than 10 researchers involved (with a total effort of 120 person month). CISTER’s focus was in the research-oriented work packages, mainly in two of the “Living Labs”, leading a use case in the area of automotive (together with Critical Software), and involved in another use case in the area of avionics (led by the Airbus Group).

1, Oct, 2017

Activities in the Centre

CPSWeek comes to Porto in 2018!

Preparations for the Cyber-Physical Systems Week 2018, one of the leading events in the area, has begun. CPS Week 2018 will be held in Porto and the organisation put in place has started its roles. The General Chairs of the 2018 edition (its 11th edition) are Eduardo Tovar (CISTER’s Director) and Luis Almeida (Institute of Telecommunications (IT)/ Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP)).
As a premier event, CPS Week brings together four top conferences - HSCC, ICCPS, IPSN, and RTAS - and multiple workshops, tutorials, summits, and various exhibitions from both industry and academia. Altogether the CPS Week program covers a multitude of complementary aspects of CPS, and reunites the leading researchers in this dynamic field.
The colocation of all these focused events in one single time-period makes CPS Week one of the most important venues for networking and research interchange when it comes to all Cyber-Physical Systems related topics.

30, Sep, 2017

Activities in the Centre

Key European players will discuss Secure and Trustable Industrial IoT in CISTER

CISTER is proud to announce it will be the host of the first general meeting of the ECSEL project SCOTT (Secured COnnected Trustable Things) in October. SCOTT is one of the largest European research projects focusing on important aspects of trustability, dependability, security, privacy, and safety of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

SCOTT has a consortium of large European industrial partners such as Volvo, INDRA, Ericsson, AVL, NXP, Nokia, and Phillips that together with a team of leading academic partners aim to leverage the IIoT and related technologies across European industries. Such technologies include: wireless sensor networks, RFID, machine to machine communications, cloud computing, Big data, software-defined networks, and 5G. The general meeting will also host the technical board and strategic board meeting, as well as the official general assembly and workshops of the different technology lines and building blocks of the project.

CISTER has a relevant role in the project as chair of the technical board, member of the core team and strategic board. CISTER is also the leading partner of the reference architecture design, one of the main partners in the aeronautical industrial domain, and a contributing partner in standardisation, certification and regulation.

27, Sep, 2017

Activities in the Centre

Celebrating Two Decades of Cyber Physical Systems in Portugal

1, Sep, 2017

Activities in the Centre

Discussing the Improvement of the Digitization of European Industry - CISTER Holds meeting of the largest European project to date

1, Sep, 2017

Achievements in Academia

Patent on vehicle platooning accepted

CISTER researcher Anis Koubaa and Eduardo Tovar, along with collaborators from other universities, have been granted an IP Australia patent. The patent is for their invention titled, “System and method for operating a follower vehicle in a vehicle platoon.” The patent deals with an innovative solution for vehicular platoon to control their motion in normal and degraded operational modes.

5, Jul, 2017

Progress in Projects

CISTER participates in the Portuguese Agenda for Science and Innovation in Cyber-Physical Systems

1, Jul, 2017

Activities in the Centre

A new collaboration between CTU Prague and CISTER

Aasem Ahmad, a Ph.D. student from Czech Technical University in Prague, is doing an internship at CISTER.
He presented a seminar on “Scheduling algorithm for large scale ZigBee cluster-tree WSNs” providing an overview of his recent research work, which focuses on scheduling time-constrained data flows with opposite directions in ZigBee cluster-based networks. Given the common interest in this research line between the two research units, CISTER researchers Ricardo Severino and Eduardo Tovar have been collaborating with Aasem towards the application of his scheduling strategy to other protocols, in a more application oriented perspective.
Hopefully, this will trigger new research collaborations aiming at further developing the support wireless infrastructure for the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 paradigms.

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