The project

Modern vehicles are like four-wheeled computers whose maintenance mechanic requires more computer skills than dexterity with hammers, screwdrivers and spanners. These vehicles are aware not only of their operational state but also of their surroundings through sensors, radars and GPS capabilities. The newest trend is to make the most of the information exchanged between vehicles and between vehicles and transport infrastructure. The need for software-intensive, in-vehicle applications and services is evident and new opportunities arise to develop an unlimited range of applications that may advance traffic safety, traffic efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and also facilitate driving, improve infotainment, business and deployment.

However, the infrastructure for ITS in Europe is not yet fully developed to support these services. While this infrastructure is being rolled out, a platform is needed to leverage the implementation of ITS concepts such as electromobility.

The ITEA 2 project CarCoDe (Platform for Smart Car to Car Content Delivery) will endorse innovation in this field, by promoting the development of services to nomadic on-board devices, enabling small and new market players to take part in ITS development and create new business models. Amid European government and vehicle manufacturer support and interest in ITS, there is huge opportunity for aftermarket suppliers in both the professional and consumer segments.

CarCoDe aims to develop a software platform that enables traffic-service ICT ecosystems and business opportunities and thereby offers a merging layer between the automotive industry, traffic service operators and third-party developers. The main objective is to build cross-platform software enablers to support development of co-operative in-vehicle services.