The goal of the CarCoDe project is to support the development of an on-board system that can seamlessly use alternative wireless communication technologies, provide the essential information quickly and automatically and use that for advancing traffic safety, providing an easier and a more comfortable driving experience, better physical environment and response to emergencies and offer more entertainment for travellers. The key to this is platform independency to enable critical mass for large data usage and collection. The on-board system should also share its own information with other vehicles and offer data storing and computing resources for cloud computing as well as safeguard security and privacy of information sharing.

In this wide field of potential research opportunities CarCoDe project focuses on developing a platform, which enables:

  • Smooth development of real-time services and applications to on-board devices in vehicles
  • Provides seamless access to various wireless information systems (car-to-car, car-to-infra)
  • Supports content-centric networking architecture
  • Offers secure facilities for information sharing

The new solutions developed by CarCoDe will be cheap to incorporate in mass-produced vehicles and in the low-cost or electric cars. Developing better facilities for application providers may enable the rapid adoption of the new communication and the platform being developed by CarCoDe may crucially shorten the development cycle of these applications in an environment that offers almost unlimited opportunities to build new services to ease the everyday life of all citizens as well as boost productivity in many sectors of business.

The project will also focus on several technological issues related to data collection, data management and the implementation of service-oriented methodologies.