Stamatis Karnouskos

Stamatis Karnouskos

Integrating Real-World Services in Modern Enterprises
SAP Research, Germany
3, Nov, 2009 12:15-13:15 (1 hour)
ISEP-IPP, Porto, Portugal

Talk abstract:
Modern enterprises operate on a global scale and depend on complex business processes. Business continuity needs to be guaranteed, and therefore efficient information acquisition, evaluation and interaction with the real world is of key importance. The infrastructure envisioned is a heterogeneous one, where millions devices are interconnected, ready to receive instructions and create event notifications, and where the most advanced ones depict self-* behavior (e.g. self-management, self-healing, self-optimization etc) and collaborate. This can lead to a paradigm change as business logic can now be intelligently distributed to several layers such as the network or even the device layer creating new opportunities but also challenges that need to be assessed. Future Enterprise Services will be in position to better integrate state and events of the physical world in a timely manner, and hence to lead to more diverse, highly dynamic and efficient business applications.

Speaker Bio.:
Stamatis Karnouskos is with SAP Research (www.sap.com) where he investigates the added value of integrating networked embedded devices in enterprise systems.

When: 12:15, November 3, 2009 Where: Meeting Room at 1st floor, Building E ("Sala de ReuniƵes")