Robert I. Davis

Transferring Real-Time Systems Research into Industrial Practice
Real-Time Systems Research Group, University of York
24, Jan, 2019 09:00-09:45 (45 minutes)
Room I 025, FEUP, Porto, Portugal

This presentation describes two impact case studies where real-time systems research has been successfully transferred into industrial practice in the automotive domain. In both cases, the technology created was translated into a viable commercial products via start-up companies. This technology transfer led to the creation and sustaining of a large number of high technology jobs over a 20 year period. During that time, the technology has been deployed in millions of vehicles worldwide.

Robert I. Davis is a Reader in the Real-Time Systems Research Group at the University of York, UK. Robert received his PhD in Computer Science from the University of York in 1995. Since then he has founded three start-up companies, all of which have succeeded in transferring real-time systems research into commercial products. Robert’s research interests include the following aspects of real-time systems: scheduling algorithms and analysis for single processor, multiprocessor and networked systems; analysis of cache related pre-emption delays, mixed criticality systems, and probabilistic hard real-time systems.

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