José Ramiro Martínez de Dios

José Ramiro Martínez de Dios

WSN-robot cooperation for localization, tracking and mapping
University of Seville, Spain
15, Jul, 2013 11:00-12:00 (1 hour)
CISTER, Porto, Portugal

Localization and tracking in GPS-denied environment is still an unsolved issue. WSN-robot cooperation can be of high interest to reduce estimation uncertainties and make more efficient use of resources. The talk will present two cases: 1) use of WSN to localize and track the robot and 2) use of robot to localize the WSN nodes. The first case addresses optimal statistical tools for object tracking using camera-based WSN and includes mechanisms for optimally activation/deactivation of nodes and assignation of cluster head role. The second case presents novel robot-WSN cooperation schemes for range-based PF-EKF Simultaneous Localization and Mapping combining direct robot-node measurements together with internode measurements.

PhD in Telecommunication Engineering, since 2007 he is Associate Professor with the Robotics, Vision and Control Group at the University of Seville, Spain. His main research topics are cooperative sensing, multi-robot systems and image processing. In these topics he has he coordinated 5 R&D projects and has participated in other 40 projects, including 13 EU-funded in different Frame Programs. He has also coordinated and participated in other 15 technology transfer projects to companies such as BOEING, FAASA, ITURRI and IBERDROLA, among others. He is author or co-author over 100 publications on cooperative perception, multi-robot systems and sensor fusion and has obtained 4 international awards including one of the 2010 EURON/EUROP Technology Transfer Awards for his participation in the AWARE project (IST-2006-33579).

S101 Auditorium/Seminar Room
1st Floor