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Michele Albano participated in the general assembly of the MANTIS project in Ghent

10, Jan, 2018

Michele represented CISTER at the MANTIS general meeting in Ghent (Belgium). MANTIS project is at M33 (month 33) out of 36, and the meeting featured wrapping up work on most deliverables, defining what will be shown at the review meeting, and defining how to attain a couple of pending requirements raised by the Project Officer at last review meeting.

CISTER is the leader of Work Package 3 "Smart sensing and data acquisition technologies". The WP is finishing, the technical work is completed, but a few deliverables are late. Some reorganization was done and agreements were made with Task Leaders and Deliverable contributors and reviewers, to prioritize actions and reschedule work to complete all late documents by end of this month (January 2018, M33).

CISTER also led Work Package 8 "Dissemination of knowledge and exploitation". Apart from discussing how to complete all WP8's deliverables, Michele is the first editor for the book the MANTIS project is writing, and in this way satisfying the dissemination requirements set by the Project Officer. A lot of work was done to finalize the ToC of each chapter of the book, the management structure for the book writing activities, and MANTIS partners have already provided around 120 pages of well-written material to be used. Weekly calls between the partners are now in place for each chapter, and the timeline was refined to allow to complete the book before the end of the project. Agreement with the Publisher ensured that the book will be published and available on most merchant websites before the final review meeting.

CISTER represented the Portuguese sub-consortium, which has built a project pilot "Sheet Metal Bending Machine Monitoring". Michele presented the results of the pilot, and did a demo of the pilot at the open space we had in the meeting. This way, CISTER satisfied Portugal's obligations to reach a Milestone of Work Package 7 "Validation of MANTIS solutions in relevant scenarios", and contributed to defining what will be shown at the final review meeting regarding our pilot.

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