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First CISTER Summer Internship in Progress

5, Oct, 2017

Real-time embedded computing system is one of the cornerstones of modern and future generation of applications in a variety of domains, such as avionics, automotive, among others. It is therefore imperative that CISTER, as an international leading research unit in the field, contributes to the growth of this area among interested students who consider this knowledge a valuable asset for their future careers.
With this in mind, the first edition of the CISTER Summer Internship was started in September with six interns, selected from a total of 16 undergraduate applicants. The three month program follows a traditional summer school format and consists of students being exposed to foundational topics such as real-time scheduling and communications (both theoretical and implementation perspectives), as well as more advanced topics such as formal verification, parallel computing, and middlewares for IoT.
Next, the interns will build small yet challenging projects that integrate variety of concepts they have learnt, with a clear application towards CPS/IoT.