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CISTER participates on ISO/IEC JTC1/WG7 meeting in Graz

16, Mar, 2017

The 15th meeting of the ISO/IEC JTC1/WG7 working group was hosted by ViF (Virtual Infrastructure), in Graz, Austria in March 2017. CISTER researcher Ramiro Robles took part as a liaison with the project DEWI. The objective of this liaison is to align efforts with ISO and provide the DEWI HLA (high level architecture) with an international framework for interoperability and visibility.
ISO meeting also dealt with several administrative and technical issues. Significant part of the meeting was devoted to the discussion of the submitted drafts of international standards by South Korea for underwater acoustic sensor networks and its applicability for other countries, particularly in the European Union. Underwater acoustic sensor networks face several challenges such as propagation delay, multipath and noise. Considering that 70 percent of earth's surface is water, an international standard for underwater communication poses a great relevance in many fields such as oil platform exploration and naval submarines. Other aspects discussed were the creation of a study group for the use of internet of things for financial asset tracking and control. The ISO/IEC JTC1/WG7 will be merged to other working groups under the umbrella of the Internet of Things later this year. CISTER has presented the intention to submit 5 technical reports reflecting different use cases of the DEWI project before the end of April 2017.


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