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CiWork 2016

29, Nov, 2016

In November, CISTER organized its annual Industrial Workshop (CiWork’16). The workshop series, started in 2013, brings together researchers and practitioners from industry and academia on a joint platform to debate recent developments and challenges (and their practical aspects in industry) in the emerging topic of embedded real time systems.

The 2016 edition had a special agenda and focused on academia/industry relationships and knowledge transfer. The topics included Factory automation and control, Energy-efficient buildings, data centers and power distribution systems, healthcare systems and high-confidence medical devices, Networked cyber-physical and control systems, Avionics, automotive and robotic electronic systems and Internet of Things.

The well attended workshop had talks by Cláudio Silva (GMV), João Rodrigues (Critical Software), Luís Martins (EFACEC), Francisco Almeida Lobo (Critical Manufacturing), Marlos Silva (SONAE) and Paulo Santos (Kinematix).