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ECSEL ENABLE-S3 kick-off meeting held

3, Jun, 2016

CISTER researcher David Pereira participated in the kick-off meeting of the recently approved ECSEL project ENABLE-S3. This project addresses the development and deployment of highly automated and autonomous cyber-physical systems, enabled by new functional, safety and security verification and validation approaches.

CISTER participates in several work packages where research and development activities are going to take place in order to build the verification bricks that aspire to substitute today’s cost-intensive validation and verification efforts by virtual and semi-virtual testing and verification in order to pave the way for efficient development of highly automated and autonomous systems. The project covers relevant use-cases arising from six different industry sectors, and CISTER participates in three of them - automotive, aerospace, and farming.

ENABLE-S3 partners include AVL, Renault, Airbus Group, IBM, Magnetti Marelli, among many others, with GMV Skysoft acting as the key national industry player.


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