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Multiple Projects move ahead

28, Sep, 2015

Ramiro Robles attended the 12th Meeting of ISO/IEC JTC 1/WG 7 Sensor Networks and the associated ISO workshop in September, in Singapore. The purpose of the event was to present the DEWI project and is part of the standardization activities of DEWI (dependable embedded wireless infrastructure). The project DEWI raised lots of interest in the ISO committee, especially in the 21 use-cases of DEWI as an example of the applicability of the ISO standard.

António Barros participated in the EnerGAware project meeting held in Plymouth, UK in September. CISTER leads WP4 which addresses the deployment of an energy (electricity and gas) monitoring infrastructure to determine baseline energy consumption and, in the future, to observe effects of the game on the energy saving habits of families (under development). CISTER defined, together with Advantic Systems (energy monitoring solution provider) and DCH (social housing organisation), a technical solution addressing the diversity of electricity and gas meters in the project. The deployment of this remote monitoring infrastructure will start in November.

Researchers Michele Albano and Luis Ferreira took part in the Arrowhead Multi-Work Package meeting in September in Brussels. The event discussed the preparation of the public workshop in Stockholm in December, joint discussion on open issues of Arrowhead architecture and definition of technical goals for generation 3 of Arrowhead project. CISTER has active participation in all the above items. 

David Pereira participated in the EMC2 project meeting in Vienna in September. The main objective was to report the contribution of CISTER in the various work packages, and to discuss the next steps with the upcoming second year review.

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