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CISTER Scores Best Paper Award

27, Jul, 2015

The Ada-Europe International Conference on Reliable Software Technologies is a reputed international forum for providers, practitioners and researchers in all aspects of reliable software technologies. This year the conference was held in Madrid, Spain, with a strong participation of CISTER researchers, who managed to get three papers accepted to this conference, two of which within international collaborations.

The conference best paper award was handed during the banquet to the paper "An Execution Model for Fine-Grained Parallelism in Ada", a collaborative work by Luis Miguel Pinho (CISTER), Brad Moore (General Dynamics, Canada), Stephen Michell (Maurya Software, Canada) and S. Tucker Taft (AdaCore, USA). The paper puts forward the execution model (and its extension for real-time parallel applications) of the fine-grained parallelism mechanism being proposed, by the authors, for Ada. The award recognizes thus the achievements of this international collaborative effort.