Seminar Series 2015 - João Loureiro

Seminar Series 2015 - João Loureiro

XDense: A Dense Grid Sensor Network for Distributed Feature Extraction for Active Flow Control
13, Jan, 2015 11:30
CISTER, Porto, Portugal

This presentation introduces XDense, a wired mesh grid sensor network architecture tailored for scenarios that benefit from thousands of sensors per square meter. It has scalable network topology and protocols, customizable to application specifics that enables complex feature extraction in real-time from the observed phenomena by exploiting the communication and distributed processing capabilities of such network topologies. XDense was designed with closed-loop applications like active flow control of aircraft wing surfaces in mind. It uses a plug-n-play architecture that allows dimensioning of application specific networks, for this and other domains. We detail XDense’s node and network architecture, protocols and principles of operation. We evaluate our work in a fluid dynamic application scenario. With this scenario, we show the architecture’s potential and discuss the practical issues of implementation. We evaluate XDense’s characteristics in terms of accuracy, response time and data traffic metrics and evaluate these in the context of dimensioning and detecting features in such networks. Last, we present the current status of development and open questions.

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