CPS Week 2018 Advance Program ‧ April 11

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CPS Week 2018 Program Overview

April 11

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8:00 - 09:00Registration
Palácio da Bolsa
8:30 - 12:00MILCMILC Competition Evaluation
R91 - Palácio da Bolsa - Level 0/1 - Escadaria Nobre
09:00 - 10:00CPS Week Keynote
How Can We Rely on Cyber-Physical Systems with Thousands of Software Bugs?
Henrique Madeira, University of Coimbra

Cyber-physical systems (CPS) are made of software. Lots of it. Small embedded devices may easily reach millions of lines of code. Large scale CPS have billions. Even using the most skeptic bug density estimations for deployed software, there is no escape from the conclusion that most CPS have many thousands of residual bugs. Unfortunately, no one knows exactly where they are in the code, when they will reveal themselves, and, above all, what the consequences of their activation can be. In CPS with demanding safety requirements or exposed to security attacks (which may exploit residual bugs that may also represent security vulnerabilities), residual bugs represent a serious risk. Worse than that, it is not easy to estimate such risk.

Hence, paraphrasing a famous Jim Gray's question: Why are residual software bugs a serious threat to CPS and what can be done about it? Attempting to answer this question, the talk provides field data illustrating some key problems, surveys software reliability limits, discusses why it is not trivial to use classic fault tolerance techniques in many CPS, and proposes some futuristic scenarios that may help deal with the residual software bug problem.

R01 - Palácio da Bolsa - Level 0 - Pátio das Nações
10:00 - 10:30Coffee Break
R10 - Palácio da Bolsa - Level 1
10:30 - 12:30RTASSession 1 - Networks
Session Chair: Cong Liu, University of Texas at Dallas, USA

FD-PaS: A Fully Distributed Packet Scheduling Framework for Handling Disturbances in Real-Time Wireless Networks. Tianyu Zhang, Tao Gong, Zelin Yun, Song Han, Qingxu Deng and X. Sharon Hu

IEEE 802.1Qbv Gate Control List Synthesis using Array Theory Encoding. Ramon Serna Oliver, Silviu Craciunas and Wilfried Steiner

Timing Analysis of AVB Traffic in TSN Networks using Network CalculusLuxi Zhao, Paul Pop, Zhong Zheng and Qiao Li

Buffer-Aware Worst-Case Timing Analysis of Wormhole NoCs Using Network CalculusFrédéric Giroudot and Ahlem Mifdaoui

R15 - Palácio da Bolsa - Level 1 - Sala das Assembleias Gerais
10:30 - 12:30HSCCSession 1 - Stochastic Systems
Session Chair: Pavithra Prabhakar

Opening Remarks

Session Papers:

Scalable Underapproximative Verification of Stochastic LTI Systems using Convexity and Compactness. Abraham P. Vinod and Meeko M. K. Oishi

Global Almost-Sure Reachability in Stochastic Constant-Rate Multi-Mode Systems. Fabio Somenzi, Behrouz Touri and Ashutosh Trivedi

From Dissipativity Theory to Compositional Construction of Finite Markov Decision Processes. Abolfazl Lavaei, Sadegh Soudjani and Majid Zamani

Bisimulations, logics, and trace distributions for stochastic systems with rewards. Daniel Gburek and Christel Baier

R21 - Palácio da Bolsa - Level 2 - Auditório António Cálem
10:30 - 12:30ICCPSSession 1 - CPS Security
Session Chair: Peng Cheng

SAT-based Synthesis of Spoofing Attacks in Cyber-Physical Control Systems. Omar Inverso, Alberto Bemporad and Mirco Tribastone

Guaranteed Physical Security with Restart-Based Design for Cyber-Physical Systems. Fardin Abdi Taghi Abad, Chien-Ying Chen, Monowar Hassan, Songran Liu, Sibin Mohan and Marco Caccamo

Cyber-Physical System Checkpointing and Recovery. Fanxin Kong, Meng Xu, James Weimer, Oleg Sokolsky and Insup Lee

Cloaking the Clock: Emulating Clock Skew in Controller Area Networks. Sang Uk Sagong, Xuhang Ying, Andrew Clark, Linda Bushnell and Radha Poovendran

Sybil-Attack Resilient Traffic Networks: A Physics-Based Trust Propagation Approach. Yasser Shoukry, Shaunak Mishra, Zutian Luo and Suhas Diggavi

R17 - Palácio da Bolsa - Level 1 - Salão Árabe
10:30 - 11:30IPSNSession 1 - Large-Scale Applications
Session Chairs: Jie Gao and Pei Zhang

Plug-and-play Irrigation Control at Scale. Daniel A. Winkler, Miguel Carreira-Perpi, Alberto E. Cerpa

Walkway Discovery from Large Scale Crowdsensing. Chu Cao, Zhidan Liu, Mo Li, Qin Zheng, Wenqiang Wang

Monitoring Meteorological Parameters With Crowdsourced Air Traffic Control Data. Roman Trueb, Daniel Moser, Matthias Schaefer, Rui Pinheiro, Vincent Lenders

R11 - Palácio da Bolsa - Level 1 - Sala do Tribunal
11:30 - 12:30IPSNCrazy Ideas Session
R11 - Palácio da Bolsa - Level 1 - Sala do Tribunal
12:30 - 14:00Lunch
R01 - Palácio da Bolsa - Level 0 - Pátio das Nações
12:45 - 16:30MILCMILC Competition Evaluation
R91 - Palácio da Bolsa - Level 0/1 - Escadaria Nobre
13:00 - 13:50F1/10F1/10 Competition Tutorial
How to BUILD the F1/10 autonomous car?
R17 - Palácio da Bolsa - Level 1 - Salão Árabe
14:00 - 15:30RTASSession 2 - Virtualization
Session Chair: Francisco J. Cazorla, The Spanish National Research Council, Spain

QuartzV: Bringing Quality of Time to Virtual Machines. Sandeep D'souza and Raj Rajkumar

Predictable Virtualization on Memory Protection Unit-based Microcontrollers. Runyu Pan, Gregor Peach, Yuxin Ren and Gabriel Parmer

BlueVisor: A Scalable Real-Time Hardware Hypervisor for Heterogeneous Many-core Embedded Systems. Zhe Jiang, Neil Audsley and Pan Dong

R15 - Palácio da Bolsa - Level 1 - Sala das Assembleias Gerais
14:00 - 15:30HSCCSession 2 - Reachability
Session Chair: Sayan Mitra

Reach Set Approximation through Decomposition with Low-dimensional Sets and High-dimensional Matrices. Sergiy Bogomolov, Marcelo Forets, Goran Frehse, Andreas Podelski, Christian Schilling and Frédéric Viry

Under-Approximating Reach Sets for Polynomial Continuous Systems. Bai Xue, Martin Fränzle and Naijun Zhan

Accurate reachability analysis of uncertain nonlinear systems. Matthias Rungger and Majid Zamani

R21 - Palácio da Bolsa - Level 2 - Auditório António Cálem
14:00 - 15:30ICCPSSession 2 - Smart Cities and Smart Transportation
Session Chair: Qi Zhu

CityResolver: A Decision Support System for Conflict Resolution in Smart Cities. Meiyi Ma, John Stankovic and Lu Feng

Dynamic Integration of Heterogeneous Transportation Modes under Disruptive Events. Yukun Yuan, Desheng Zhang, Fei Miao, John A. Stankovic, Tian He, George Pappas and Shan Lin

Impact Driven Sensor Placement for Leak Detection in Community Water Networks. Praveen Venkateswaran, Qing Han, Ronald Eguchi and Nalini Venkatasubramanian

SDCWorks: A Formal Framework for Software Defined Control of Smart Manufacturing Systems. Matthew Potok, Chien-Ying Chen, Sayan Mitra and Sibin Mohan

R17 - Palácio da Bolsa - Level 1 - Salão Árabe
14:00 - 15:30IPSNSession 2 - Information Propagation
Session Chair: Sirajum Munir

On the Ability of Mobile Sensor Networks to Diffuse Information. Chen Gu, Ian Downes, Omprakash Gnawali, Leonidas Guibas

Continuous Wireless Link Rates for Internet of Things. Haoyang Lu, Wei Gao

Charm: Exploiting Geographical Diversity Through Coherent Combining in Low-Power Wide-Area Networks. Adwait Dongare, Revathy Narayanan, Akshay Gadre, Anh Luong, Artur Balanuta, Swarun Kumar, Bob Iannucci, Anthony Rowe

Codecast: Supporting Data Driven In-Network Processing for Low-Power Wireless Sensor Networks. Mobashir Mohammad, Mun Choon Chan

R11 - Palácio da Bolsa - Level 1 - Sala do Tribunal
15:00 - 19:00F1/10F1/10 Competition Races
R01 - Palácio da Bolsa - Level 0 - Pátio das Nações
15:30 - 16:00Coffee Break
R10 - Palácio da Bolsa - Level 1
16:00 - 17:00RTASSession 3 - Brief Presentations and Demos


Work-in-Progress: A Flattened Priority Framework for Mixed-Criticality Real-time Systems. Zonghui Li, Hai Wan, Yangdong Deng and Ming Gu

Work-in-Progress: A Hot-Patching Protocol for Repairing Time-Triggered Network Schedules. Francisco Pozo, Guillermo Rodriguez-Navas and Hans Hansson

Work-in-Progress: RWS - A Roulette Wheel Scheduler For Preventing Execution Pattern Leakage. Ying Zhang, Lingxiang Wang, Wei Jiang and Zhishan Guo


Work-Already-Published: Reliability Optimization on Multi-Core Systems with Multi-Tasking and Redundant Multi-Threading. Kuan-Hsun Chen, Georg von der Brüggen and Jian-Jia Chen

Work-Already-Published: mRPL+: a mobility management framework in RPL/6LoWPAN. Hossein Fotouhi

Demo abstracts

Demo Abstract: 6TiSCH in Full Bloom: From Dynamic Resource Management to Cloud-based Network Analytics. Tao Gong, Huayi Ji, Tianyu Zhang, Jianwei Zhou, Xiaolin Lu, Xiaobo Sharon Hu and Song Han

Demo Abstract: Industrial IoT Field Gateway Design for Heterogeneous Process Monitoring and Control. Tao Gong, Shaobo Zheng, Mark Nixon, Eric Rotvold and Song Han

Demo Abstract: Real-time Heterogeneous Edge Computing System for Social Sensing Applications. Daniel (Yue) Zhang, Nathan Vance and Dong Wang

Demo Abstract: Slate XNS - An Online Management Tool for Deterministic TSN Networks. Silviu Craciunas, Ramon Serna Oliver and Wilfried Steiner

R15 - Palácio da Bolsa - Level 1 - Sala das Assembleias Gerais
16:00 - 17:30HSCCSession 3 - Timed Systems
Session Chair: Vinayak Prabhu

Clock Allocation in Timed Automata and Graph Colouring. Neda Saeedloei and Feliks Kluzniak

Model Checking Bounded Continuous-time Extended Linear Duration Invariants. Jie An, Naijun Zhan, Xiaoshan Li, Miaomiao Zhang and Yi Wang

A New Perspective on Quality Evaluation for Control Systems with Stochastic Timing. Maximilian Gaukler, Andreas Michalka, Peter Ulbrich and Tobias Klaus

R21 - Palácio da Bolsa - Level 2 - Auditório António Cálem
16:00 - 17:30ICCPSSession 3 - Work-in-Progress/Demo Abstracts
Session Chair: Xuhang Ying

Cooperative Key Generation for Data Dissemination in Cyber-Physical Systems. Kai Li, Harrison Kurunathan, Ricardo Severino and Eduardo Tovar

Underwater AUV Localization with Refraction Consideration. Jiajun Shen, Xueli Fan, Qixin Wang

Toward a Green and Secure Architecture for Reconfigurable IoT End-Devices. D. Oliveira, T. Gomes, and S. Pinto

SOH aware Battery Management Optimization on Decentralized Energy Network. Daichi Watari, Ittetsu Taniguchi, and Takao Onoye

KRS-DGIST: A Resilient CPS Testbed for Radio-Based Train Control. Yuchang Won, Buyeon Yu, Jaegeun Park, In-Hee Park, Haegeon Jeong, Jeanseong Baik, Kyungtae Kang, Insup Lee, Kyung-Joon Park, and Yongsoon Eun

ROS-based Support System for Supervision of Multiple UAVs by a Single Operator. Hiroki Hayakawa, Takuya Azumi, Akinori Sakaguchi, Toshimitsu Ushio

Demo Abstract: An Industrial Control System Testbed for the Encrypted Controller. Xing Li, Mengxiang Liu, Rui Zhang, Peng Cheng, Jiming Chen

Secure Estimation Using Partially Homomorphic Encrypted Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems Data. Zhenyong Zhang, Junfeng Wu, David Yau, Peng Cheng, Jiming Chen

CognitiveEMS: A Cognitive Assistant System for Emergency Medical Devices. Sarah Preum, Sile Shu, Jonathan Ting, Vincent Lin, Ronald Williams, John Stankovic, Homa Alemzadeh

Learning-Based Control Design for Deep Brain Stimulation. Ilija Jovanov, Michael Naumann, Karthik Kumaravelu, Vuk Lesi, Aditya Zutshi, Warren Grill, Miroslav Pajic

Predicting Malicious Intention in CPS under Cyber-Attack. Nicola Bezzo

Cyber-Physical Systems Virtual Organization: Active Resources. Janos Sztipanovits, Matthew Banting, Vijay Kumar, Paulo Tabuada

Formation Control and Persistent Monitoring in the OpenUAV Swarm Simulator on the NSF CPS-VO. Anna Lukina, Arjun Kumar, Matt Schmittle, Abhijeet Singh, Jnaneshwar Das, Stephen Rees, Christopher P. Buskirk, Janos Sztipanovits, Radu Grosu, Vijay Kumar

R17 - Palácio da Bolsa - Level 1 - Salão Árabe
16:00 - 16:40IPSNSession 3 - Synchronization of Transmission
Session Chair: Shan Lin

Interference-Resilient Ultra-Low Power Aperiodic Data Collection. Timofei Istomin, Matteo Trobinger, Amy L. Murphy, Gian Pietro Picco

A Stitch in Time and Frequency Synchronization Saves Bandwidth. Anh Luong, Peter Hillyard, Alemayehu Solomon Abrar, Charissa Che, Thomas Schmid, Anthony Rowe, Neal Patwari.

R11 - Palácio da Bolsa - Level 1 - Sala do Tribunal
16:40 - 17:30IPSNPoster/Demo Madness


EMeasure: Using A Smart Device With Consumer-Grade Accelerometer as an Accurate Measuring Scale.V. Chandel, A. Ghose

Attributed-based Authentication and Access Control for IoT Home Devices.A. Neto, Y. Pereira, A. Souza, I. Cunha, L. Oliveira

Applications on the Signpost Platform for City-Scale Sensing.J. Adkins, B. Ghena, N. Jackson, P. Pannuto, B. Campbell, P. Dutta

Battery-free 802.15.4 Receiver.C. Pérez-Penichet, C. Noda, A. Varshney, T. Voigt

A Motion-Triggered Stereo Camera for 3D Experience Capture.B. Islam, M. Islam, S. Nirjon

Federated Authentication of Things.M. Santos, J. Carneiro, F. Teixeira, A. Franco, M. Henriques, L. Oliveira

The OpenChirp Low-Power Wide-Area Network and Ecosystem.A. Dongare, A. Luong, A. Balanuta, C. Hesling, K. Bhatia, B. Iannucci, S. Kumar, A. Rowe

A Tool to Access and Visualize Classroom Attendance Data from a Smart Campus.T. Sutjarittham,,H. Gharakheili, S. Kanhere, V. Sivaraman

PosePair: Pairing IoT Devices Through Visual Human Pose Analysis.C. Ruiz, S. Pan, A. Sadde, H. Noh, P. Zhang

Welcome to My World: Demystifying Multi-user AR with the Cloud.N. Rajagopal, J. Miller, K. Kumar, A. Luong, A. Rowe

Walkway Discovery from Large Scale Crowdsensing.C. Cao, Z. Liu, M. Li, W. Wang, Z. Qin


Smart Saline Management System.H. Amarasekara, R. Manage, K. Abeywickrama, K. Perera, R. Achchige, J. Wijekoon

TrainKo.A. Jayawardena, K. Sachith, J. Wijekoon

An iterative approach for Non-Line-of-Sight error mitigation in UWB Localization.J. Park,,S. Imran, Y. Ko, C. Lee, S. Park

Pulse Shot: Photo Shooting and Retrieval System Using Heartbeat Information.H. Oshita,,N. Segawa

Fast Indoor Localization using WiFi Channel State Information.A. Ahmed,,N. Bergmann, R. Arablouei, F. de Hoog, B. Kusy, R. Jurdak

Energy Efficient Mobile Data Collection from Sensor Networks with Range-Dependent Data Rates.N. Annuar, N. Bergmann, R. Jurdak, B. Kusy

Multiple Door Opening/Closing Detection System Using Infrasound Sensor.M. Kijima,,Y. Miyagawa, H. Oshita, N. Segawa, M. Yazawa, M. Yamamoto

Runtime Adaptation of PHY Settings for Dependable UWB Communications.B. Großwindhager, C. Boano, M. Rath, K. Römer

Towards Smaller Checkpoints for Better Intermittent Computing.S. Ahmed, M.,Alizai, J. Siddiqui, N. Bhatti, L. Mottola

Road Quality Classification for road repair authorities and regular drivers, Using an on-board Data Logger.H. Tariq, S.,Mazhar, H. Hameed

Zero-power Receiver for Touch Communication and Touch Sensing.S. Raphael, M.,Magno

Reliable Push Notification for Mobile Users in Interactive Smart Mobile Applications.T. Yang, C. Kim, S. Kim, S. Kim, S. Park

Building IoT Nodes - A Flexible Approach.S. Manurkar, K. Ramamritham

Long-term Energy-neutral Operation of Solar Energy-harvesting Sensor Nodes under Time-varying Utility.K. Geissdoerfer,,R. Jurdak, B. Kusy

Toward Fast Closed-loop Control over Multi-hop Low-power Wireless Networks.F. Mager, D. Baumann, S. Trimpe, M. Zimmerling

Combining LoRa and RTK to Achieve a High Precision Self-Sustaining Geo-localization System.M. Magno, S.,Rikli, J. Quack, O. Bunecker, L. Benini

An Efficient approach to Multisuperframe tuning for DSME networks.H. Kurunathan, R. Severino, A. Koubaa, E. Tovar

R11 - Palácio da Bolsa - Level 1 - Sala do Tribunal
17:30 - 17:30HSCCPoster/Demos


ROCS - A Robustly Complete Control Synthesis Tool for Nonlinear Dynamical Systems. Yinan Li and Jun Liu

Graphical Hybrid Automata with Simulink and Stateflow. Akshay Rajhans, Srinath Avadhanula, Alongkrit Chutinan, Pieter Mosterman and Fu Zhang

DryVR 2.0 - A Tool For Verification and controller synthesis of black-box cyber-physical systems. Bolun Qi, Chuchu Fan, Minghao Jiang and Sayan Mitra


Formal Controller Synthesis from Hybrid Programs. Vladimir Sinyakov and Antoine Girard

Compositional Synthesis of Interconnected Stochastic Control Systems based on Finite MDPs. Abolfazl Lavaei, Sadegh Soudjani and Majid Zamani

Compositional Synthesis of Finite Abstractions for Networks of Systems: A Dissipativity Approach. Abdalla Swikir, Antoine Girard and Majid Zamani

Contract based Design of Symbolic Controllers for Vehicle Platooning. Adnane Saoud, Antoine Girard and Laurent Fribourg

Recent Results in State Estimation of Dynamical Systems with Inputs under Bandwidth Constraints. Hussein Sibai and Sayan Mitra

CODEV: Automated Model Predictive Control Design and Formal Verification. Nicole Chan and Sayan Mitra

Sim-ATAV: Simulation-Based Adversarial Testing Framework for Autonomous Vehicles. Cumhur Erkan Tuncali, Georgios Fainekos, Hisahiro Ito and James Kapinski

Major Computational Breakthroughs in the Synthesis of Symbolic Controllers via Decomposed Algorithms. Eric Kim, Mahmoud Khaled, Murat Arcak and Majid Zamani

Palácio da Bolsa
17:00 - 19:30CPS Week Poster/Demo, Reception
Palácio da Bolsa
19:30 - 21:30CPS Week Fringe Event
Mercado Ferreira Borges - Hard Club
Mercado Ferreira Borges
20:00 - 22:00CPS Week TPC Dinner
Mercado Ferreira Borges - Mercado
Mercado Ferreira Borges

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