Platform for Smart Car to Car Content Delivery

ITEA2 Nº 11037, QREN Nº 30345


The vision of the CarCoDe project is to ….”develop a software platform which enables traffic service ICT ecosystems and business opportunities to be evoked. The objective is to offer a merging layer between automotive industry, traffic service operators and third party developers.”

The main aim of the project is to build a cross-platform software to support development of co-operative in-vehicle services. ICT R&D is needed to facilitate the wide variety of software applications with different characteristics and requirements that shape the future of the European automotive domain. The challenges to be solved are scalability, communication cost, information abundance and service dependability and security.

These problems will be solved with a communication medium agnostic content centric networking platform and improved data processing, fusion and aggregation middleware. The results of the project will be demonstrated in several application domains. In the Portuguese project scope, two demonstrators are foreseen: