Architecture of Computing Systems
Porto, Portugal
24-27 March 2015


Luis Miguel Pinho

CISTER Research Centre
School of Engineering of the Polytechnic of Porto (ISEP)
Rua Dr. António Bernardino de Almeida, 431
4200-072 Porto, Portugal

Tel: +351228340502
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Getting to Porto is relatively easy. The airport in Porto is surprisingly simple, despite moving almost 6 million passengers per year to over 60 direct connections essentially with Europe, but also North America, South America and Africa. And notably, it ranks among the best airports in Europe since 2006.

Reaching your hotel by Metro from Porto Airport

The Andante system

You can use the Andante Card (web in portuguese only) to travel in the Metro (including Funicular dos Guindais), STCP Buses, STCP Trams, local CP trains (São Bento - Ermesinde, São Bento - Valongo, São Bento - Espinho) and some selected line from other bus operators.

The card is rechargeable and costs 0,60 euros. When you buy the card you will charge it with travel titles at the same time.

When needed, you can recharge the Andante Card with more titles at the ticket machines available in all Metro stations. Most machines accept debit cards, but sometimes you may have to pay using coins or bank notes.

There are also titles valid for 24 hours following the same zonning rules, called Andante 24. A Z2 costs 4.15 euros, Z3 costs 5.20 euros (full table here, in portuguese).

Another alternative are the Andante Tour Cards that are vallid in the full network for 24 consecutive hours (7.00 euros) or 72 consecutive hours (15.00 euros). These are only available at the Andante Shops (Trindade Metro Station, Campanhã Metro/Train Station, Airport Tourism Office, and others).

Zones and Titles

The Andante network is divided in zones.

You can use the Z2 Title (the smallest available title) to move to any station on the same zone that you started, and on any stations on zones that are adjacent to the starting zone.

If you need to travel further away then you will need a Z3 Title to zones adjacent to the Z2 zones, and so on. 

You can see how it works in the actual network here (in portuguese), click on the map to select the starting zone, the colors show the zones acessible for each Title.

Some zones: C1 is the city center, C2 is the seaside of Porto, C6 is the area of ISEP, S8 is the center of Vila Nova de Gaia and N10 is the Airport zone.

You can download the Metro network with zones in PDF format here.

Arriving in Lisbon Airport

Porto Campanhã is the main station for long-distance trains in the city. If you are arriving in Lisbon Airport you can take a train to Porto at Gare do Oriente (near the Airport) or Santa Apolónia (downtown).

From Lisbon Airport to the train stations you can either take

The timetable for Trains connecting Lisbon to Porto is available here.

Tickets are 25.00 or 35.00 euro. Travel time is less than 3 hours.