19th IEEE Real-Time and Embedded Technology
and Applications Symposium

Philadelphia, USA
April 9 - 11, 2013

Industrial Session (new)

Industrial Session

Yan LuDr. Yan Lu
Head of Research Group, Automation and Control--Automation Engineering II
Siemens Corporate Research





Building Energy Asset Management

Each building is assigned business values that the occupants of its buildings are tasked to accomplish. Building energy assets that produce, transfer, and/or use energy support the activities associated with business accomplishment and the maintenance of the environments in which building occupants work. Meanwhile, as building energy assets are dynamic and changing in its lifecycle, the more updated asset performance information is then required for asset management. We have developed a building energy asset management (BEAM) system which can prioritizes asset management investment and maintenance workflow based on the contribution of building energy assets to the business value as well as the continuous monitored asset condition index. A heat-flow modeling method is used for HVAC system continuous monitoring and integrated building energy modeling with asset reliability modeling are used for asset predictive maintenance policy evaluation. The innovative BEAM tool was applied to a military building and more than 10% energy saving was observed.

Speaker Bio:
Dr. Yan Lu is Head of Research Group Automation & Control-Production Operation & Optimization at Siemens Corporation, Corporate Technology (SCR). Her research interest covers distributed agent-based control, fault detection & diagnosis, adaptive control systems, energy optimization and cyber security. Dr. Lu has led and successfully delivered more than 10 million dollars of government funded projects in the areas of survivable control systems, energy management and smart grid automation. Currently, Dr. Lu is the PI of three ARRA projects from US Department of Energy, on building energy efficiency, optimal dispatch of combined cooling, heating and power system and demand response respectively. She is also the PI of three newly funded demonstration projects on building energy management and asset management from US Department of Defense. Dr. Lu obtained BS and MS from Tsinghua University and her Ph. D from Carnegie Mellon University. Before joining Siemens Corporate Research in 2004, Dr. Lu worked for Seagate Research Center for two years on developing hard disk drive servo controller.