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Best Paper Award at IWCMC 2022

17, Jun, 2022

The paper entitled "An Experimental Study of Two-way Ranging Optimization in UWB-based Simultaneous Localization and Wall-Mapping Systems", presented by CISTER researcher Kai Li, at the IEEE International Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference (IWCMC 2022) has earned the "Best Paper Award”.

Under the theme of "Intelligent and Secure Communications" IWCMC 2022 targets a wide spectrum of the state-of-the-art as well as emerging topics pertaining to wireless communications, mobile computing, machine learning, and applications of communications and networks. IWCMC 2022 attracts a large number of high-quality submissions and stimulates the cutting-edge research discussions among many academic pioneering researchers/scientists and industrial engineers/leaders from all around the world.

The paper authored by Kai Li, Wei Ni, Bo Wei, and Mohsen Guizani, proposed a new ultra-wideband (UWB)-based simultaneous localization and wall-mapping (SLAM) system, which adopts two-way ranging optimization on UWB anchor and tag nodes to track the target's real-time movement in an unknown area. An experimental testbed was built based on off-the-shelf UWB hardware. The localization accuracy of the proposed SLAM system was evaluated, where the difference between the estimated location and the ground truth trajectory is less than 15cm.

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