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Distinguished Seminar on Communications for Satellites

18, Jun, 2019

Last 18th of June, William Edmonson gave a distinguished seminar on “Communications for Satellites (within clusters) and System Design" at CISTER.
In this talk he provided an overview of the Small Satellite Systems Research Center that he leads and its activities towards advancing the capabilities, functionality, and scope of mission for small satellites so they can operate reliably and autonomously for earth observations or deep-space missions.
More specifically, he introduced two research lines, namely using model-based systems engineering (MBSE) for verifiable correct-through-construction design, and inter-satellite communication using visible light.
This inspirational talk, available at CISTER's youtube channel, ended with an informal discussion in which we identified several synergies with the research at CISTER both in the formal methods domain and in the synchronization of communications and data sharing mechanisms.

William Edmonson is a Professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the North Carolina A&T State University (USA) where he leads the Small Satellite Systems Research Center.
The visit to Porto, Portugal took place in the context of a Fulbright scholarship.

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