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General Assembly and F2F meeting of the project SCOTT in Gdansk, Poland

7, Jun, 2019

Ramiro Robles has attended the General assembly and overall F2F meeting of the project SCOTT in the city of Gdansk, Poland. This was a three full-day meeting on 4- June 2019. This is the first F2F meeting of the final year of the project.
CISTER has a fundamental participation in the project as representative of the aeronautics domain, leader of the technology line of reference architecture, active contributor to standardization, regulation and certification, and as the chair of the technical board. This F2F meting has a strong impact management component with demonstrator sessions, dissemination, paper presentation, and Hackathon competitions.
CISTER will be involved in several activities regarding the introduction of trust in the reference architecture of the project. The objective is that SCOTT will provide a new vision of trusted system development for IoT industrial applications.

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