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5 new students from Cuba, India and Iran have joined the CISTER for their PhDs

30, Sep, 2018

Javier Rodriguez and Yillian Ribot hold a Bachelor’s degree in Automatic Engineering from Havana University of Technologies José Antonio Echeverria CUJAE. They have also worked for the Automation department and CIME Microelectronics Research Centre, at the same University as Assistants Students.

Radha Pallavali holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Computer Science from Sri Venkateswara University, India. He has also worked for COPELABS – Portugal as a Junior Researcher and for INRIA – Paris as a Research Engineer. He has also published work in the areas like DoS Attacks in Cloud Computing and MANETs,and Congestion Control Algorithms.

Jatin Arora holds a Bachelor’s in Electronics and Communication Engineering from CT Institute of Engineering, Management & Technology,Jalandhar, India and a Master’s degree in Embedded Systems from Sree Dattha Institute of Engineering and Science, Hyderabad, India. He has also worked for Guru Nanak Institutions Technical Campus (GNITC), India as a Research Assistant and for Punjab Micro Circuits Research Labs, India as a Project Engineer.

Yousef Emami holds a Bachelor’s in Computer Hardware Engineering from Islamic Azad University of Dezful and a Master’s degree in Information Technology Engineering-Computer Networks from Shiraz University of Technology. He has also worked for Kelide Andisheh Institute, Payame Noor University, Islamic Azad University of Shooshtar as a Lecturer and Azad University of Dezful as a Teaching Assistant.

CISTER welcomes all!