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Undergraduate student Renato Oliveira presented a talk on Emulation library for a CPS simulation platform

20, Sep, 2018

Undergraduate student Renato Oliveira gave a talk at CISTER/ISEP premises entitled “Emulation library for a modular Cyber-Physical Systems simulation platform”. The talk focused on the issues the cyber-physical systems (CPS) community face when testing their systems. Specifically, Renato presented two features developed in the scope of KhronoSim, a project in which CISTER is a partner and where the goal is to develop a modular and extensible testing platform to intuitively perform closed loop tests of CPS via software.
The first presented feature was the QEMU-Lib library that allows one to easily manipulate several QEMU instances at the same time. The second presented feature was a throttle mechanism that allows one to reduce the execution frequency of a guest machine executing on top of QEMU. Moreover, he presented results that show that both features can be used to ease the testing of CPS.

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