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PT2020 project on Smartgrid moves ahead

30, Oct, 2017

CISTER met with EFACEC associates to discuss the status and future steps of the DSGrid project. DSGrid, part of the PT2020 program, aims to develop technical knowledge, engineering skills and products towards the establishment of third generation automation systems for substations, and similar smart-grid applications. It works on smarter transmission and distribution grids to deliver answer to the challenges of operational optimization of grid assets and systems.

The project is owned by EFACEC with contributions by EDP Distribuição, ISEP (through CISTER) and the University of Minho (through HASLab). CISTER is central to the innovations related to embedded systems and to provide tools and analysis related to the systems’ temporal properties.

The meetings, attended by Rui Dias Jorge and Fernando Gomes from EFACEC along with CISTER researchers Eduardo Tovar, Raghuraman Rangarajan, David Pereira, and Pedro Santos, evaluated the current progress and discussed potential future work based on the issues arising from the prototyping by EFACEC. This includes analysis of network architectures for timing synchronization in digital substations, analysis of task separation in multicore processors and development of a toolchain.


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