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Key European players will discuss Secure and Trustable Industrial IoT in CISTER

30, Sep, 2017

CISTER is proud to announce it will be the host of the first general meeting of the ECSEL project SCOTT (Secured COnnected Trustable Things) in October. SCOTT is one of the largest European research projects focusing on important aspects of trustability, dependability, security, privacy, and safety of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

SCOTT has a consortium of large European industrial partners such as Volvo, INDRA, Ericsson, AVL, NXP, Nokia, and Phillips that together with a team of leading academic partners aim to leverage the IIoT and related technologies across European industries. Such technologies include: wireless sensor networks, RFID, machine to machine communications, cloud computing, Big data, software-defined networks, and 5G. The general meeting will also host the technical board and strategic board meeting, as well as the official general assembly and workshops of the different technology lines and building blocks of the project.

CISTER has a relevant role in the project as chair of the technical board, member of the core team and strategic board. CISTER is also the leading partner of the reference architecture design, one of the main partners in the aeronautical industrial domain, and a contributing partner in standardisation, certification and regulation.

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