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Celebrating Two Decades of Cyber Physical Systems in Portugal

27, Sep, 2017

On September 27th, CISTER hosted “XX.CPS – Duas Décadas de Cyber-Physical Systems” to celebrate two decades of Portuguese research on Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS). The event looked at the landmark moment when the Portuguese research community on real-time embedded computing and related fields started to collaborate and develop innovative computing systems, now widely known as Cyber-Physical Systems.

The event was attended by several well-known members of the Portuguese academia who are pivotal in their engagement in CPS, and with whom CISTER researchers have a longstanding and solid record of successful collaboration.
Each researcher presented a short overview of their flagship results, achieved over the last two decades, and challenges to the development of current and future generation of CPSs.

CISTER is very proud of having maintained these strong and successful collaborations. Our sincere thanks goes to Henrique Madeira (Universidade de Coimbra), Henrique Cardoso (Universidade do Porto), Jorge Sousa Pinto (Universidade do Minho), José Rufino (Universidade de Lisboa), Luís Almeida (Universidade do Porto), Nuno Roma (Universidade de Lisboa), Paulo Pedreiras (Universidade de Aveiro) and Mário Sousa (Universidade do Porto) for making this into such a joyful and fruitful event.

This event is part of a series associated with the celebrations of the 20th anniversary of CISTER. So, stay tuned for more!!!