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ACM SIGBED meeting in Vienna

13, Apr, 2016

The ACM SIGBED oversees a number of technical, scientific and professional activities. Two of the most important events organised by ACM SIGBED are precisely the CPSWeek (an annual event typically taking place in April) and the Embedded Systems Week (ESWeek, also an annual event typically taking place in October). During the CPSWeek last April in Vienna, the ACM SIGBED plenary meeting took place under the leadership of the current three SIGBED officers: Insup Lee (Chair); CISTER’s Eduardo Tovar (Vice-chair) and Oleg Sokolsky (Secretary/Treasurer). The CPSWeek 2016 had an all-time record of over 700 participants divided by the 4 main conferences and more than 15 workshops and tutorials. The next ACM SIGBED plenary meeting is planned to take place during the ESWeek 2016, in Pittsburgh, PA, USA, where the event is being organised by CMU colleagues.