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CISTER participates in H2020 project EnergAware accepted in highly competitive call

18, Nov, 2014

In the scope of the European R&D program H2020, in the topic "New ICT-based solutions for energy efficiency“, CISTER participates in the project proposal EnerGAware (Energy Game for Awareness of energy efficiency in social housing communities), which has been recently selected for a grant.

The topic “New ICT-based solutions for energy efficiency“ intends to motivate and support citizen's behavioural change to achieve greater energy efficiency taking advantage of ICT (e.g. personalised data driven applications, gaming and social networking) while ensuring energy savings from this new ICT-enabled solutions are greater than the cost for the provision of the services. This was a highly competitive call, with only 4 projects approved out of 94 submitted proposals.

The EnergAware project intends to achieve a 15-30% energy consumption and emissions reduction in a social housing pilot and increase the social tenants’ understanding and engagement in energy efficiency through the development of a serious game that will be linked to the actual energy consumption (smart meter data) of the game user’s home and embedded in social media and networking tools.

The project is led by the Group of Construction Research and Innovation of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain, including also as partners the game developer Fremen Corp, France, the embedded platform provider Advantic SIS, Spain, the Building Performance Analysis and Sustainability & Psychology groups of the Plymouth University, UK, the Devon and Cornwall social housing provider, UK, and the EDF Energy R&D UK Centre, UK.

CISTER will be involved in several of the activities of the project, being in particular responsible for the design and implementation of both the data collection infrastructure, and the middleware performing real-time data management. CISTER will also lead the work package on the integration of the data collection and communication platform and the EnerGAware game.

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