Seminar Series 2019 - Pedro Miguel Santos

Seminar Series 2019 - Pedro Miguel Santos

Bridging the Vehicular and Urban Internet-of-Things
7, Mar, 2019 11:30-12:30 (1 hour)
CISTER, Porto, Portugal

The "all-things-connected" paradigm is steadily pervading all aspects of our reality, most notably the vehicular and urban realms. In this talk, the past work on the topics of vehicular networking, urban sensing platforms, and at the intersection of the two will be overviewed. The first part of the talk will address recent efforts to integrate Vulnerable Road Users (VRUs; e.g., pedestrians, bicycles, scooters) in the vehicular networking ecosystem. Pedro will showcase results on propagation modelling, link characterization and user applications of bicycle-to-X links, alongside complementary results on device-to-device channel modelling and vehicular data collection. On the urban platform angle, large-scale deployments of sensors in urban context come with numerous technical and logistic challenges, but offer the amazing opportunity to characterize and model urban processes (e.g., traffic and people flow, impact of weather, etc.) to a resolution that would be unthinkable just a few years ago. Pedro’s contribution to a pioneering deployment in the city of Porto will be shared, by describing the faced challenges while deploying the platform and the mechanisms and KPIs developed to operate it, and presenting the wide variety of insightful conclusions about urban processes that were drawn from cross-analysing data from different sources. The last topic of the talk is on how the vehicular and urban sensor realities can complement each other on the communication plane, particularly how urban sensing platforms can leverage existing vehicular backhauls to forward data to the cloud. Pedro will report a characterization of infrastructure-to-vehicle (I2V) links in an urban scenario and its subsequent extension to I2V service estimation and decision-support tools for node placement, alongside a proof-of-concept for delay-tolerant networking and a noteworthy user application solution.

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