Seminar Series 2019 - Laerte Oliveira

Seminar Series 2019 - Laerte Oliveira

Effective System Integration
6, Jun, 2019 10:30-11:30 (1 hour)
CISTER, Porto, Portugal

Systems are usually developed using partitioning techniques, in order to hand with its complexity. This partition imposes the inclusion of an integration phase to have, at the end, the components unified as a whole system. However, crosscutting functionality and qualities suffer from the partitioning, making the integration difficult and problematic. The use of the System Engineering concepts to solve the problems identified in the integration phase is proposed by applying an effective integration plan. The Integration Plan elaborated for the development of an Aircraft Simulator is presented as user case. The integration plan structure concepts was used to verify if its application will result gains for CISTER projects.

Laerte Jerónimo de Oliveira received the B.S. in electronic engineering in 1980 and M.S. degrees in mechanical engineering in 2017 both from the Aeronautical Technology Institute – ITA,Brazil. From 1981 to 2016, he was a System Engineer and Technical Manager with Embraer. His experience involves the airplanes complete development cycle both news and modernizations. Spefiically, Inertial Systems, Radar and Avionics Systems integration, integration plan elaboration for System of Systems. He has a international experience, living in Italy from 1982 to 1985, working in AM-X project. His research interests include System Engineering processes and applications, Avionics Integration, and Model Base Development Engineering.

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