Seminar Series 2014 - Hossein Fotouhi

Seminar Series 2014 - Hossein Fotouhi

Mobility Management in Low-Power Wireless Networks
11, Jun, 2014 15:30-16:30 (1 hour)
CISTER, Porto, Portugal

The next generation Internet, commonly referred as Internet of Things (IoT), depicts a world populated by an endless number of smart devices that are able to sense, process, react to the environment, cooperate and intercommunicate via the Internet. The 6loWPAN (the light version of IPv6) and RPL (routing protocol forlow-power and lossy links) protocols have become de facto standards for the IoT. Mobility support is becoming a requirement in various emerging IoT applications, including health-care monitoring, industrial automation and smart grids. In fact, many applications require timeliness and reliability guarantees for transmitting critical messages from source to destination, but providing quality of service (QoS) in low-power and mobile networks is very challenging. In this work, we are devising a mobility management framework for low-power networks that can reliably deliver data between mobile nodes within a fixed set of sensor nodes.

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