J. Javier Gutiérrez

J. Javier Gutiérrez

The event-driven approach in the development of distributed real-time systems
Universidad de Cantabria,Spain
16, Feb, 2016 16:00-16:45 (45 minutes)
CISTER, Porto, Portugal


The scheduling and schedulability analysis techniques for distributed real-time systems have evolved a lot in the last two decades. However, the technology developed under the event-driven approach continues without being fully adopted by industry.
This talk deals with some of the main schedulability analysis and optimization techniques for this kind of systems and it also points out the results of extensive experiments to show their performance and applicability. Most of these techniques are available in a modeling framework called MAST (Modeling and Analysis Suite for Real-Time Applications). This framework is briefly presented along with an experience on its integration in a Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) strategy. Finally, a set of software platforms that allow implementing event-driven distributed applications are introduced.


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S101 Auditorium/Seminar Room
1st Floor

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