I-ESA 2018

Interoperability for Enterprise Systems and Applications Conference 2018
22, Mar, 2018 to 23, Mar, 2018
Berlin, Germany
Homepage: http://iesa2018.ipk.fraunhofer.de/4941/Outside Link

CISTER's participants:
Michele Albano
Matthias Becker

Conference or Workshop Papers/Talks
Maintenance 4.0 World of Integrated Information CISTER-TR-180108 
Erkki Jantunen, Giovanni di Orio, Csaba Hegedus, Pal Varga, Istvan Moldovan, Felix Larrinaga, Matthias Becker, Michele Albano, Pedro MalóInteroperability for Enterprise Systems and Applications (I-ESA 2018). 22 to 23, Mar, 2018, pp 67-78. Berlin, Germany.