Enrico Bini

Adaptive Fair Scheduler (AFS): Fairness with Disturbances
13, Jul, 2016 11:30-12:15 (45 minutes)
CISTER, Porto, Portugal


The problem of allocating resources over time to different demands in a "fair" way, is present in many application domains. If the resource can be allocated with an arbitrarily fine granularity at no cost, then any type of resource allocation can be achieved (we call this scheme fluid for its resemblance to water). Instead, if the resource has some coarse granularity, then the fluid resource allocation can only be approximated. The notion of lag measures the distance between the fluid schedule and the real schedule which can be actually achieved. In this presentation, we illustrate the Adaptive Fair Schedule (AFS), which is capable to achieve a bounded lag in presence of time overhead, and uncertainties in the resource allocation. Thanks to its generality, AFS can be applied to many different application domains including: reconfigurable computing, multiprocessor scheduling, and thermal management.


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S101 Auditorium/Seminar Room
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