5rd International Conference on Body Area Networks
10, Sep, 2010 to 12, Sep, 2010
Corfu Island, Greece
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Sponsors: IEEE-CSOutside Link
Deadline: 10, Mar, 2010

BodyNets 2010 is the fifth in the series of international conferences on body area sensor networks. BodyNets is a forum for engineers, scientists and medical professionals to exchange ideas on using sensor networks in and around the human body for clinical and health monitoring, study of human computer interactions, education and entertainment. BodyNets strives to encompass both theoretical and experimental aspects of body area networks that will lead to the construction of practical systems for physiological monitoring, human computer interaction and provision of entertainment. Distinguished papers accepted and presented in BodyNets-10, after further revisions, will be published in ACM MONET special issue on "Ubiquitous Body Sensor Networks"