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REMPLI D4.4 - NMS Implementation
Ref: HURRAY-TR-030306       Publication Date: 29, Mar, 2005

REMPLI D4.4 - NMS Implementation

Ref: HURRAY-TR-030306       Publication Date: 29, Mar, 2005

Within the scope of the REMPLI Project, a SFN Network Management System is developed. But the SFN is a new technology and never tested outside of laboratory. If the field trail is based only on SFN technology the risk is too high. Therefore we decided to develop in parallel a classical routing based network management system based on the proofed concept of (in the following this is called DLC-100 2C NMS). Both systems should be orientated towards the same software architecture. It should be reached that both systems (SFN NMS, DLC-100 2C NMS) have the same tasks like take-over data of the application, data segmentation and data composition, high priority transfer of the OFDM blocks to the DSP etc., which are realised in common modules, that are integrated in the respective software. They will be extended, by additional project-dependent functions, on demand. On the other hand, the NMS specific tasks will be programmed in separate modules.
The basic idea is to be able to change the NMS-specific modules within the software-architecture depending on the project. Additionally, this allows the direct performance comparison between the DLC-100 2C NMS and the SFN NMS. The present document represents a specification and description of a Network Management System (DLC-100 2C NMS) based on iAd products. It defines and specifies the concept, the tasks of the components and their interaction. This document contains four main parts: The first one gives a general overview about the concepts, HW- and SW-architecture and explains the main components. The second part gives more detailed information about the Logon / Logoff concept. The part three describes detailed the SW structure of the lower layers of NMS, written separately from the master’s and from the slave’s view, and the structure of the higher layer. The part four contains informations about the simulation of the NMS.

Gerd Bumiller
Filipe Pacheco

Notes: REMPLI project deliverable. Order of authors is not relevant in this document. Not all authors are listed. Reviewer: J. Walocha

Record Date: 29, Mar, 2005