CPS Week 2018 Advance Program ‧ April 13

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CPS Week 2018 Program Overview

April 13

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8:00 - 09:00Registration
Palácio da Bolsa
09:00 - 10:00CPS Week Keynote
From Rags to Riches - Distributed Economic Model Predictive Control in Industry 4.0
Frank Allgower, University of Stuttgart

During the past decades model predictive control (MPC) has become a preferred control strategy for the control of a large number of industrial processes. Systems theoretic properties of MPC, like stability and robustness, are rather well understood by now, as are computational issues in connection with the MPC implementation.

With the vision of the smart factory of the future, generally termed Industry 4.0, the industrial environment, and thus the involved control tasks, are however undergoing a fundamental new orientation on the basis of the Cyber-Physical Systems and Internet of Things and Services paradigms. In the future all parts along the production chain will be equipped with embedded computing, communication and networking capabilities and are expected to interact in an optimal way towards the goal of a quality oriented, energy and resource efficient, save and reliable production process. Through decentralized optimal decision-making and an appropriate communication among the networked individual parts, the whole production process of the future is expected to operate optimally. The generation of economic value through control will step in the foreground while the stabilization of predetermined setpoints will not play the same role as it has in the past.

In this presentation an introduction to the state of the art in Model Predictive Control will be given and the challenges and opportunities of Industry 4.0 for the field of control are discussed. We will in particular investigate the potential impact of Model Predictive Control (MPC) for the fourth industrial revolution and will argue that some new developments in MPC, especially connected to distributed and economic model predictive control, appear to be ideally suited to have a potential impact in the new Industry 4.0 environment.

R01 - Palácio da Bolsa - Level 0 - Pátio das Nações
10:00 - 10:30Coffee Break
R10 - Palácio da Bolsa - Level 1
10:30 - 12:30RTASSession 7 - Models, Synthesis and Analysis
Session Chair: Linh Thi Xuan Phan, University of Pennsylvania, USA

Timed C: An Extension to the C Programming Language for Real-Time Systems. Saranya Natarajan and David Broman

Achieving Predictable Multicore Execution of Automotive Applications Using the LET Paradigm. Alessandro Biondi and Marco Di Natale

Mining Task Precedence Graphs from Real-Time Embedded System Traces. Oleg Iegorov and Sebastian Fischmeister

Schedulability Analysis and Software Synthesis for Graph-Based Task Models with Resource Sharing. Jakaria Abdullah, Gaoyang Dai, Morteza Mohaqeqi and Wang Yi

R17 - Palácio da Bolsa - Level 1 - Salão Árabe
10:30 - 12:30HSCCSession 7 - Temporal Logic and its Aplications
Session Chair: Necmiye Ozay

Specifying Timed Patterns using Temporal Logic. Dogan Ulus and Oded Maler

Efficient Parametric Identification for STL. Alexey Bakhirkin, Thomas Ferrère and Oded Maler

Parameter Invariant Monitoring for Signal Temporal Logic. Nima Roohi, Ramneet Kaur, James Weimer, Oleg Sokolsky and Insup Lee

Localizing Faults in Simulink/Stateflow Models with STL. Ezio Bartocci, Thomas Ferrère, Niveditha Manjunath and Dejan Nickovic

R11 - Palácio da Bolsa - Level 1 - Sala do Tribunal
10:30 - 12:30ICCPSSession 7 - Medical Applications
Session Chair: Sam Coogan

Context-Aware Detection in Medical Cyber-Physical Systems. Radoslav Ivanov, James Weimer and Insup Lee

A Data-Driven Approach to Artificial Pancreas Verification and Synthesis. Taisa Kushner, David Bortz, David Maahs and Sriram Sankaranarayanan

Model and Integrate Medical Resource Available Times and Relationships in Verifiably Correct Executable Medical Best Practice Guideline Models. Chunhui Guo, Zhicheng Fu, Zhenyu Zhang, Shangping Ren and Lui Sha

Platform for Model-Based Design and Testing for Deep Brain Stimulation. Ilija Jovanov, Michael Naumann, Karthik Kumaravelu, Warren Grill and Miroslav Pajic

Re-thinking EEG-based non-invasive brain interfaces: modeling and analysis. Gaurav Gupta, Sergio Pequito and Paul Bogdan

R15 - Palácio da Bolsa - Level 1 - Sala das Assembleias Gerais
10:30 - 12:30IPSNSession 7 - Localization and Tracking
Session Chair: Shahriar Nirjon

Slocalization: Sub-muW, Static, Decimeter-Accurate Localization with Ultra Wideband Backscatter. Pat Pannuto, Benjamin Kempke, Prabal Dutta.

Magnitude-Based Angle-of-Arrival Estimation, Localization, and Target Tracking. Chitra R. Karanam, Belal Korany, Yasamin Mostofi

(Short Paper) Data Fusion for Hybrid and Autonomous Time-of-Flight Positioning. Aymen Fakhreddine, Domenico Giustiniano, Vincent Lenders

(Short Paper) Nanosecond-precision Time-of-Arrival Estimation for Aircraft Signals with low-cost SDR Receivers. Roberto Calvo-Palomino, Fabio Ricciato, Blaz Repas, Domenico Giustiniano, Vincent Lenders

Enhancing Indoor Smartphone Location Acquisition using Floor Plans. Niranjini Rajagopal, Patrick Lazik, Nuno Pereira, Sindhura Chayapathy, Bruno Sinopoli, Anthony Rowe

Orientation-aware RFID Tracking with Centimeter-level Accuracy. Chengkun Jiang, Yuan He, Xiaolong Zheng, Yunhao Liu

R21 - Palácio da Bolsa - Level 2 - Auditório António Cálem
12:30 - 14:00Lunch
R01 - Palácio da Bolsa - Level 0 - Pátio das Nações
13:00 - 13:50F1/10F1/10 Competition Tutorial
How to RACE the F1/10 autonomous car?
R17 - Palácio da Bolsa - Level 1 - Salão Árabe
14:00 - 15:00CPS.EduPanel

Henrique Madeira
Dependability (University of Coimbra)

Jorge Sousa Pinto
Formal Methods (University of Minho)

António Pedro Aguiar
Control (University of Porto)

Pedro Santos
Smart Cities (University of Porto)

Matthias Renninger
SW Dev Manager (Bosch Chassis Systems Braga)

R21 - Palácio da Bolsa - Level 2 - Auditório António Cálem
14:00 - 15:30RTASSession 8 - Scheduling
Session Chair: Hyoseung Kim, University of California Riverside, USA

FIFO with Offsets: High Schedulability with Low Overheads. Mitra Nasri, Robert Davis and Björn Brandenburg

The Concept of Response Time Estimation Range for Optimizing Systems Scheduled with Fixed Priority. Yecheng Zhao and Haibo Zeng

Firmness analysis of real-time applications under static-priority preemption scheduling. Amir Behrouzian, Dip Goswami, Twan Basten, Marc Geilen, Hadi Alizadeh Ara and Martijn Hendriks

R17 - Palácio da Bolsa - Level 1 - Salão Árabe
14:00 - 15:30HSCCSession 8 - Algorithms and Foundations
Session Chair: Maria Prandini

Algorithms for exact and approximate linear abstractions of polynomial continuous systems. Michele Boreale

State Estimation of Dynamical Systems with Unknown Inputs: Entropy and Bit Rates. Hussein Sibai and Sayan Mitra

Improving validated computation of Viability Kernels. Benjamin Martin and Olivier Mullier

R11 - Palácio da Bolsa - Level 1 - Sala do Tribunal
14:00 - 15:30ICCPSSession 8 - Autonomous Vehicles
Session Chair: Nicola Bezzo

Autoware on Board: Enabling Autonomous Vehicles with Embedded Systems. Shinpei Kato, Shota Tokunaga, Yuya Maruyama, Seiya Maeda, Manato Hirabayashi, Yuki Kitsukawa, Abraham Monrroy, Tomohito Ando, Yusuke Fujii and Takuya Azumi

Optimal Input Design for Affine Model Discrimination with Applications in Intention-Aware Vehicles. Yuhao Ding, Farshad Harirchi, Sze Zheng Yong, Emil Jacobsen and Necmiye Ozay

CoDrive: Cooperative Driving Scheme For Vehicles in Urban Signalized Intersections. Yiran Zhao, Shuochao Yao, Huajie Shao and Tarek Abdelzaher

Dynamic Intersections and Self-Driving Vehicles. Shunsuke Aoki and Raj Rajkumar

R15 - Palácio da Bolsa - Level 1 - Sala das Assembleias Gerais
15:00 - 15:30CPS.EduPoster Madness

Dynamic Hierarchical Bandwidth Reservations for Switched Ethernet. Zahid Iqbal

Aerial Multi-hop Sensor Networks. Luis Pinto

An Overlay TDMA Protocol for Vehicles Platooning. Aqsa Aslam

Characterizing Low-Power WiFi Modules for IoT Applications. Diana Guimarães

Mitigating Effects of NLOS Propagation in MDS-Based Positioning. Moses Koledoye

A Highly Reconfigurable Component Framework as an Enabler for CPSS. Luis Neto

Cooperative Path Following of Robotic Vehicles using Event based Control and Communication Strategy. R Praveen Kumar Jain

Extending OpenFlow with Industrial Grade Communication Services. Luis Silva

The human in the loop in CPSs: the building automation case. Joao Cambeiro

XDense: A Dense Grid Sensor Network for Distributed Feature Extraction. João Loureiro

An efficient approach to multisuperframe tuning for DSME networks. John Harrison Kurunathan

Towards Timing Analysis of Multi-core Platforms for Hard Real-Time Systems. Aftab Rashid

Towards predictable and intelligent real-time IoT applications. Mubarak Ojewale

Bringing Context-awareness to wireless sensor networks. Shashank Gaur

Scheduling Parallel Real-Time Tasks in Multiprocessor Platforms. Cláudio Maia

R21 - Palácio da Bolsa - Level 2 - Auditório António Cálem
15:30 - 16:00Coffee Break
R10 - Palácio da Bolsa - Level 1
15:30 - 17:30CPS.EduPoster Session + Coffee
R10 - Palácio da Bolsa - Level 1
16:00 - 17:30RTASSession 9 - Cyber-Physical Systems
Session Chair: David Broman, KTH, Sweden

A Clockless Synchronisation Framework for Cooperating Mobile Robots. Luis Oliveira, Luís Almeida and Daniel Mosse

A Real-Time and Non-Cooperative Task Allocation Framework for Social Sensing Applications in Edge Computing Systems. Daniel (Yue) Zhang, Yue Ma, Yang Zhang, Suwen Lin, X. Sharon Hu and Dong Wang

Closing the Gap between Stability and Schedulability: A New Task Model for Cyber-Physical Systems. Hoon Sung Chwa, Kang Shin and Jinkyu Lee

R17 - Palácio da Bolsa - Level 1 - Salão Árabe
16:00 - 17:30HSCCSession 9 - Modeling and Verification
Session Chair: Dejan Nickovic

Modeling the Impact of Vehicle Platooning on Highway Congestion: A Fluid Queuing Approach. Li Jin, Mladen Cicic, Saurabh Amin and Karl Johansson

(T) Graphical Modeling of Hybrid Dynamics with Simulink and Stateflow. Akshay Rajhans, Srinath Avadhanula, Alongkrit Chutinan, Pieter Mosterman and Fu Zhang

(T) DSValidator: An Automated Counterexample Reproducibility Tool for Digital Systems. Lennon Chaves, Iury Bessa, Lucas Cordeiro and Daniel Kroening

(T) AVERIST: Algorithmic Verifier for Stability of Linear Hybrid Systems. Miriam García Soto and Pavithra Prabhakar

R11 - Palácio da Bolsa - Level 1 - Sala do Tribunal
17:30 - 18:00HSCCHSCC business meeting, announcements about next HSCC
R11 - Palácio da Bolsa - Level 1 - Sala do Tribunal
18:00 - 18:15CPS Week Farewell
R01 - Palácio da Bolsa - Level 0 - Pátio das Nações