SensorNets 2009: The First International School on Cyber-Physical and Sensor Networks

Monastir, Tunisia, December 17-21, 2009

Travel & Venue

Note. 1 EUR = 1.9 TND (Tunisian Dinar)


How to Get to El Habib Hotel


The hotel is located in the centre of Monastir, close to Ribat Castle.

The best way to reach El Habib Hotel is to fly directly to Monastir, at Habib Bourguiba International Airport (approximately 8 km from the hotel premises).

Another way is to fly to Tunis, at Tunis-Carthage Airport (approximately 170 km from the hotel premises).


Getting to El Habib Hotel from Habib Bourguiba Airport in Monsatir


When you arrive to Habib Bourguiba Airport, two ways are possible to reach the hotel:

  • By Taxi: Take a Taxi-Cab (Yellow car) from the front of the airport directly to the El Habib Hotel (about 10 min). The cost of this transport is around 5 TND , with an extra charge for baggage, and 50% surcharge after 21:00.
  • Rent a car: Car services are located in Arrival Area at the airport.
    For more information, please check the Tunisian Official Tourism website:


Getting to El Habib Hotel from Tunis-Carthage Airport


When you arrive to Tunis Carthage Airport, you have several alternatives.


By Touristic Taxis & Shuttles


This is the easiest way to make the transfer from Tunis-Carthage Airport to Monastir. Touristic Taxis are available just in the front of the Airport. The trip costs between 70 EUR and 100 EUR for 1-4 persons.


For further information, refer to the following links:



By Train


Take a taxi (recommended) or a bus from Tunis-Carthage Airport to Tunis Railway station. This will enable you to quickly browse the main roads in the Capital on the way to the railway station, located in the city center. The trip from the Tunis-Carthage Airport to the Railway station by Taxi takes between 15 mn to 20 mn (in average) depending on the traffic intensity, and it costs 10 TND, with an extra charge for baggage, and 50% surcharge after 21:00.

You can also take the SNT bus, line 35, which costs less than 1 TND. SNT buses depart every 30 minutes. The more luxurious TUT buses are a little bit more expensive, a little over a dinar, and depart every 15 minutes. The trip takes less than 20- 30 minutes, depending on the traffic. Buses stand is just in front of the Airport.

At Tunis Railway station, there are two ways to get to El Habib Hotel: either to take the train to Monastir, or take the train to Sousse. However, trains from Tunis to Monastir are not frequent, one per day: Train 5/22/71, which departs from Tunis at 12:35 and arrives to Monastir at 15:07. Trains to Sousse are much more frequent (around 10 trips/day).

The trip costs around 10 TND in the Comfort Class (the best class) and it takes less than 2 hours.
The Tunisian Railways (SNCFT) are the best way to travel between Tunis, Sousse, and Monastir. Trains are comfortable, modern and air-conditioned.
For more information about trains' schedules, please refer to
You can book your train ticket and even pay for it on the SNCTF web site (the link is

It is recommended that you buy your ticket directly in the Train station.


Arrival to Monastir Railway station

Take a taxi (yellow car) right to the Hotel


Arrival to Sousse Railway station

  • Tavel to Monastir by either taking a Metro (less than 1 TND), or a collective taxi, a white car with blue stripes (recommended), (1 Dinars and 200 Millimes)
    • Sousse Metro station: "Gare Beb Jdid", is about 500 meters from Sousse Railway station.
    • The collective taxies are near to Sousse railway station.
      They take 25 minutes to arrive to Monastir.
  • In Monastir, take a taxi right to the Hotel.



General Co-Chairs

  • Mohamed Abid

(CES/ENIS, Tunisia)
  • David Simplot-Ryl

    (IRCICA/LIFL, France)

Program Co-Chairs

  • Anis Koubâa

(Al-Imam Mohamed bin Saud Univ., Saudi Arabia / CISTER Research Unit, Portugal)
  • Habib M. Ammari

    (WiSeMAN Research Lab, Hofstra University, USA)

Publicity Co-Chairs

  • Petr Jurcik

(CISTER Research Unit, Portugal/Czech Technical University, Czech Republic)
  • Nuno Pereira

  • (CISTER Research Unit, Portugal)
  • Marco Zuniga

  • (DERI, Ireland)


    Posters & Demos Co-Chairs


    • Mounir Frikha

    (Sup'Com, Tunisia)
    • Ye-Qiong Song

    (LORIA - Nancy University, France)

    Awards Co-Chairs

    • Habib Youssef

    (Prince Research Unit, Tunisia)

    • Bjorn Andersson

    (CISTER Research Unit, Portugal)


    Awards Sponsor Chair


    • Mohssen Alabbadi

    (KACST, Saudi Arabia)


    Contact Information

    • Anis Koubâa

    aska at isep dot ipp dot pt
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