SensorNets 2009: The First International School on Cyber-Physical and Sensor Networks

Monastir, Tunisia, December 17-21, 2009


The main topics addressed in SensorNets 2009 are:

    • Principles of Wireless Sensor Networks and RFID Systems: node architecture, network architectures, communication protocols (MAC, routing), RFID concepts, data dissemination, network coverage, aggregation, operating systems, sensor network programming, topology control.
    • Non-functional properties of Wireless Sensor Networks: localization, mobility, security, quality-of-service, real-time, reliability, fault-tolerance.
    • Applications of Wireless Sensor Networks and RFID Systems: environment monitoring, tracking applications, cooperative objects, surveillance, home automation.
    • Challenges towards building Cyber-Physical Systems: Standardization efforts, heterogeneous network integration, IP over IEEE 802.15.4, interoperability.



General Co-Chairs

  • Mohamed Abid

(CES/ENIS, Tunisia)
  • David Simplot-Ryl

    (IRCICA/LIFL, France)

Program Co-Chairs

  • Anis Koubâa

(Al-Imam Mohamed bin Saud Univ., Saudi Arabia / CISTER Research Unit, Portugal)
  • Habib M. Ammari

    (WiSeMAN Research Lab, Hofstra University, USA)

Publicity Co-Chairs

  • Petr Jurcik

(CISTER Research Unit, Portugal/Czech Technical University, Czech Republic)
  • Nuno Pereira

  • (CISTER Research Unit, Portugal)
  • Marco Zuniga

  • (DERI, Ireland)


    Posters & Demos Co-Chairs


    • Mounir Frikha

    (Sup'Com, Tunisia)
    • Ye-Qiong Song

    (LORIA - Nancy University, France)

    Awards Co-Chairs

    • Habib Youssef

    (Prince Research Unit, Tunisia)

    • Bjorn Andersson

    (CISTER Research Unit, Portugal)


    Awards Sponsor Chair


    • Mohssen Alabbadi

    (KACST, Saudi Arabia)


    Contact Information

    • Anis Koubâa

    aska at isep dot ipp dot pt
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