SensorNets 2009: The First International School on Cyber-Physical and Sensor Networks

Monastir, Tunisia, December 17-21, 2009



  1. Best Demo award: Maissa Ben Jamaa, Nouha Baccour, Anis Koubaa, Denis do Rosarioy, Mario Alves, Leandro Becker, Habib Youssef, and Mohamed Jmaiel. Demo Abstract: A TestBed for the evaluation of Link Quality Estimators in WSNs. Click here for more details.
  2. Best Poster award: Majdi Mansouri, Hichem Snoussi, Ilham Ouachani, C├ędric RICHARD. Poster Abstract: Adaptive quantization for target tracking in wireless sensor networks. Click here for more details.
  3. Best M.Sc awards: Marco Zimmerling. Automatic Parameter Optimization of Sensor Network MAC Protocols. Click here for more details


It is a common belief that computing has been increasingly integrating our life. It results that the philosophy of networking is currently reaching a new frontier, where the physical processes directly impact the logical information for the sake of pervasive and ubiquitous control of the surrounding environment. This objective can be achieved by means of massively networked embedded systems, also known as cyber-physical systems (CPS). The Wireless Sensor Network paradigm is known as the most prominent enabling technology for CPS. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) has also been a pioneer technology in defining the new concept of Internet-of-Things. Consequently, there is a tendency to change the concept of the Internet from a network a data to a network of physical objects.

The objective of SensorNets 2009 is to present a comprehensive state-of-the-art of the enabling technologies for the concept of Cyber-Physical Systems such as Wireless Sensor Networks, RFID, wireless standard protocols, etc. from the basic concepts to the latest achievement and the future challenges in the related research area.



The goals of the SensorNets 2009 School are as follows:

    • Provide a basic survey of the current research works and challenges on cyber-physical and sensor-based systems.
    • Provide a overview of the current enabling technologies for cyber-physical and sensor-based systems.
    • Provide a good opportunity to meet people and distinguished scholars working on cyber-physical and sensor-based systems.
    • Establish contacts that may lead to research collaborations in the future.


The expected audience are:

    • Post-graduate students, PhD students, and young researchers from universities: SensorNets 2009 will provide a very thorough and comprehensive background for young researchers starting their work in the areas of WSNs and CPS.
    • Researchers and engineers from academic and industrial laboratories around the world.

      We expect hosting 60 participants.

Satellite Events

    • Demos & Posters session: This session will be dedicated to the demonstrations and presentations of preliminary and ongoing works of PhD students dealing with WSNs and CPS. Demo and Poster papers must be submitted to the session chair and must not exceed two pages.
    • Awards: Best Master/Ph.D. Awards: Ph.D. dissertations and Master theses already defended can be submitted to participate to the awards competition.



General Co-Chairs

  • Mohamed Abid

(CES/ENIS, Tunisia)
  • David Simplot-Ryl

    (IRCICA/LIFL, France)

Program Co-Chairs

  • Anis Koubâa

(Al-Imam Mohamed bin Saud Univ., Saudi Arabia / CISTER Research Unit, Portugal)
  • Habib M. Ammari

    (WiSeMAN Research Lab, Hofstra University, USA)

Publicity Co-Chairs

  • Petr Jurcik

(CISTER Research Unit, Portugal/Czech Technical University, Czech Republic)
  • Nuno Pereira

  • (CISTER Research Unit, Portugal)
  • Marco Zuniga

  • (DERI, Ireland)


    Posters & Demos Co-Chairs


    • Mounir Frikha

    (Sup'Com, Tunisia)
    • Ye-Qiong Song

    (LORIA - Nancy University, France)

    Awards Co-Chairs

    • Habib Youssef

    (Prince Research Unit, Tunisia)

    • Bjorn Andersson

    (CISTER Research Unit, Portugal)


    Awards Sponsor Chair


    • Mohssen Alabbadi

    (KACST, Saudi Arabia)


    Contact Information

    • Anis Koubâa

    aska at isep dot ipp dot pt
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