Enhanced Race-To-Halt: A Leakage-Aware Energy Management Approach for Dynamic Priority Systems

Muhammad Ali Awan and Stefan M Petters
Cister Research Unit, ISEP-IPP Porto, Portugal


With progressing CMOS technology miniaturization, the leakage power consumption starts to dominate the dynamic power consumption. The recent technology trends have equipped the modern embedded processors with the several sleep states and reduced their overhead (energy/time) of the sleep transition. The dynamic voltage frequency scaling (DVFS) potential to save energy is diminishing due to efficient (low overhead) sleep states and increased static power consumption. The state-of-the-art research on static power reduction at system level is based on assumptions that cannot easily be integrated into practical systems. We proposed a novel enhanced race-to-halt approach (ERTH) to reduce the overall system energy consumption. The exhaustive simulations demonstrated the effectiveness of our approach.