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Newsletter #4

Welcome to the fourth edition of the ECRTS11 Newsletter.    

The ECRTS11 Newsletter will provide up-to-date weekly information regarding the 23rd Euromicro Conference on Real-Time Systems and its satellite workshops. Previous newsletters can be accessed through


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   1. Advance Program

   2. Hotel Block Booking Deadline Extended

   3. Discover Porto



Advance Program

The ECRTS 2011 program is about to become even more interesting. We are very happy to announce a Panel Discussion Session on Networked Monitoring and Control / Cyber-Physical Systems. The session will be scheduled to Friday 8, afternoon, and will be moderated by Dr. Jorge Pereira, Principal Scientific Officer of the European Commission, DG Information Society and Media. The panel will feature high profile panelists from academia, industry and policy makers, and it will be a natural follow up of the First EU-US Networked M&C/CPS Workshop meeting that will take place in Brussels, Belgium, the week before. More details will be posted in the ECRTS 2011 website 

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Hotel Block Booking Deadline Extended

Most of the hotels have agreed to extend their block booking deadlines until mid June. This covers the Hotel Teatro, the Hotel Porto Trindade, and the Hotel Infante Sagres. All three hotels are in the city centre of Porto, but are in easy reach from the conference venue, taking about 15 minutes with the Metro leaving around every 5 minutes.

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Discover Porto

Within our partner program we would like to invite for a stroll around the area of “Rua Miguel Bombarda” and check out some boutiques and galleries. After that we will have a nice cup of tea in the backyard of the Tea Room called “Rota do Chá”. With around 300 different kinds of tea, the right one is surely among them. Later we will venture into the green oasis of the gardens of “Palácio Cristal”. Shady paths and water features between flowerbeds invite to sit down and have chat about this and that.

The Restaurant “Solar do Vinho do Porto” lies a little hidden downhill but we will be compensated for the many steps we had to walk, with a glass of Port in our hands and the view across the River Douro.

If you are hungry for some more history and detailed information about Portugal we would recommend visiting the “Museu Romantico” next door to the Solar. It is a fine example for a house of the 18th century and the exhibits will show you how people knew to live during that period.  

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