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Deadline Policy

The CPS Week by-laws define the following firm deadline policy:

  1. All CPS Week collocated conferences have the same paper registration and final submission deadlines.
  2. Once published, these deadlines are firm without extension under normal conditions.
  3. Due to major natural disasters or wide-spread unpreventable events, and after agreed by all conferences, an extension may be given upon request. In this situation, the following procedure should be followed:
    • The previously announced deadlines should not be changed.
    • The possibility for extension and its legitimate causes should be published on the conference websites.
    • The authors who qualify for extension must register the paper(s) by the normal paper registration deadline.
    • The authors should contact the TPC chairs directly before the paper registration deadline and state the unpreventable reason for the request;
    • Once permitted by the TPC chair, the authors should submit the paper(s) directly to the TPC chairs by the extended deadline;
    • The typical extension is one week.


CPS Week 2018 Calls for Papers

  • The firm deadline is October 6, 2017 11:59 pm UTC-12:
  • Given the recent natural-disasters, procedures for point 3 of the deadline policy are in place;
  • For submission guidelines related to each conference please visit: